KTI Plays Key Role In Bridging Alliances Among Young Textile Entrepreneurs

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Kushal Textile Institute (KTI) hosted a meet of young textile entrepreneurs of Surat & Mumbai region on 12th April 2018. Standon Consulting (Mumbai) conceived this idea to have interaction amongst young generation of textile industry.

The meet created history in Surat as a first of its kind in many ways like Theme of Meet, Age group of participants & Organizational Body. Kushal Textile Institute, better known as KTI, is an eminent Professional Textile Institute based in Surat, the city that is known as the capital of Synthetic Textiles in India. KTI was established in 1993 and this year is a very milestone year i.e. Institute is celebrating 25th year of its establishment. The Mission of KTI is to Strengthen Entrepreneur and/or Trader in continually advancing business competition at national and international level.

The objectives of the meet were as follows:

  • To know the position of business & industry in very nearby geographically located area of textile industry
  • To interact with like-minded people of industry
  • To create good contacts to enter in Textile 4.0 revolution
  • To discuss opportunities & problems from the eyes of youngsters of industry

The meet was restricted to 24 participants with an average age of 28 years. There were 12 from Surat and 12 from the Mumbai region. Kushal Adhvaryu was the seminar coordinator.He gave a start of meet by prayer which is the tradition of Kushal Textile Institute.

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Minesh Adhvaryu , Director of KTI,delivered the welcome speech. In his address, he mentioned that this kind of young entrepreneurs’ meet is first of its kind in western region of India & even perhaps first in India, to share knowledge of two biggest centre of textile industry working with different base of textiles.

He referred to Textile 4.0 revolution and said that this group of young, like-minded textile entrepreneurs uses WhatsApp, Facebook and Linked-in extensively for exchange of information. They depart from the unwritten rule of not sharing information even among nobles engaged in similar business. This group is no longer unwilling for discussing company-related issues, which their forefathers or elders never indulged in. They were fearful about the competition from within. This 2nd generation perceives this differently. Our effort is to make a bridge between you people and thereby to take this industry to much greater heights.

He also noted that things have changed drastically in past few years. Each one should be open for sharing views and taking advice from others; this will put you on the platform where you will be able to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Your focus should be on manufacturing excellence and product innovation. The ultimate measure of an entrepreneur is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

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Minesh Adhvaryu (Director, KTI) requested participants to take maximum benefit of gathering and to develop business to remarkable height. Finally he conveyed his best wishes to all participants. Sharad Tandon (CEO, Standon Consultancy)who conceived this meet, in his keynote address said that this is first of its kind of meet between business groups of two cities in western region at such a formal level.

The idea of the meet was not to grab each other’s business but to collaborate in such a manner to help each other in growing the business. This exploration will open many domain of business for people. This generation is ready to collaborate with each other to work better. The will and ability of taking risks by businessmen make them different from others and allow them to grow beyond imagination.

He said that if you feel people in other region are able to offer material at cheaper price than you, don’t wait, go to that area and explore why they are able to do so. Aim big in life. When you aim big, you work towards achieving it and you achieve it.

He encouraged young entrepreneurs with many examples of textile industry and also of his life long experience. Tandon being a national expert spoke on many subjects related to this meet and this area. He also shared his experience of international exposure. He also mentioned the development that has taken place at Bhilwara. He reminded many quotes in our Indian style and suggested that the participants travel and visit areas of textile industry in India and abroad.

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He noted the presence of textile business Leaders of Surat, Mumbai, Bhiwandi, Tarapur, Thane and Kerala as well in the meet. He appreciated Kushal Textile Institute for taking up his idea and to executing it at a grand success level.


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