Lack Of Diversity And Time Results In Fashion Industry Turning Racially Insensitive


Incidents of racial insensitivity emerging from the latest fashion design products keep recurring making the retail brand owners like Gucci and Prada turn red faced and apologetic. Answering the logic that goes behind these bloomers, experts opine that fashion companies lack the correct mix of diversity in their staff. This leads to elements of racial bias creeping in.

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The experts also pointed out that there is mounting pressure on the fashion industry to quickly transfer products from the design stage to retail shelves in a matter of weeks. If the time available was in months, much of the embarrassment and apology statements could be avoided.

The products are moving into the retail shelf at such a speed that it gives very less time for hitting on the correct perspective for the designers. In short, the designers are left with very little time for consideration.

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Mistakes that are made in the design phase get amplified by retail shoppers who take to social media like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to voice their complaints.

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