LIVA Promotes Sustainability Through Livaeco Plantable Garment Tag


Taking another step towards sustainability, LIVA, ingredient brand by Birla Cellulose launched a unique plantable garment tag (tag attached to each garment across retail stores of W). The plantable tag aims  to create a positive environmental footprint by introducing and engaging consumers with eco-friendly practices right from sourcing to the final degradation of the garment. It is as an initiative to be in the forefront of sustainable business practice and also instill awareness amongst consumers about sustainable fashion. The tag is created using seed paper which is made from recycled biodegradable fibres. Post soaking in water for 5-6 hours it gets ready to be sowed in soil and placed under sunlight to ensure it sprouts in 5-6 days.

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Livaeco enhances fluid fashion through the use of 100% sustainable forestry, lowest water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, fastest bio-degradability and traceability of source. The goal of Livaeco is to engross customers with end-to-end eco-friendly and sustainable practices to safeguard the future of fashion.

Manohar Samuel, Senior President – Marketing, Birla Cellulose said, “It has become challenging for industries to retain millennial attention towards the current state of the environment. Being a part of the eco-system, we have to work on all tangible and intangible aspects to bring in sustainability and conscious living at every stage. We are launching our newest offering Livaeco exclusively with W, which has created an exquisite collection that embodies our focus on sustainability and high fashion to delight the consumers. At Birla Cellulose, sustainability is a continuous journey towards the wellbeing of all stakeholders and conserving nature.”

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Despite LIVA being an ingredient brand, Birla Cellulose has always found innovative ways of connecting with the end consumer through activations and initiatives like these. With green tag, they have provided a great opportunity to the customers to contribute to the environment and be a part of the global cause of sustainable fashion.

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