LMW – With The Community Every Step Of The Way


 LMW Ltd. has been doing immense work for the community for over 60 years. With several hospitals, schools, temples, crematorium, and a world-class place of work – the popular saying is that LMW is with you at every step of your life.


Over the last five years, LMW Ltd. has spent over Rs 30 Crores in community healthcare – health and eye camps, veterinary camps, and sponsoring complicated surgeries for economically weaker segment patients. The company has also set up health and sanitation infrastructure within the community and has spent towards better equipping some of the local hospitals. 


Besides this, the company has adopted villages and built infrastructures such as roads, solar lighting, and more in these villages. Moreover, villagers are being trained in agroforestry, bee-keeping, and other agro-based skills.


There has been a big focus on building education infrastructure, especially in the backward villages of Tamil Nadu. LMW has a well-defined approach to identifying social projects that aim to alleviate the conditions of the underserved strata of society. 


LMW Ltd. collaborates with leading hospitals and rehabilitation centres to help patients from lower economic backgrounds undergo treatment for burn injuries and reconstructive/spine injury surgery. LMW Ltd. also facilitates the rehabilitation of such patients through vocational skill development programmes.


Sickle Cell Anemia screening and prevention project


LMW Ltd., in partnership with the Nilgiris Adivasi Welfare Association (NAWA), regularly organises the Sickle Anemia Screening and Prevention Project amongst the tribal population of Anaikatti, Palamalai and Karamadai areas of the Coimbatore district. The identified patients are provided with the required nutritional supplements and medicines. Also, appropriate counselling and awareness camps are conducted for persons diagnosed with Sickle Cell traits.



Village infrastructure development 


LMW Ltd. has been significantly funding village infrastructure development. As a part of efforts to improve basic facilities in the tribal villages of Anaikatti Hills, the Company has installed solar streetlights across the villages.


Moreover, various income generation training programmes for villagers in the tribal areas are conducted annually. Agroforestry-based schemes are also undertaken. LMW Ltd. has actively assisted the villagers through their respective self-help groups in their efforts to obtain eligible financial subsidies from the Tamil Nadu government. 


Animal husbandry is one of the main livelihood activities of tribal villages. Veterinary health check-ups and vaccination camps are conducted in collaboration with the Tamil Nadu Animal Husbandry Department.


Education and housing infrastructure 


The Company has been supporting the development of infrastructure in rural government schools. School building repair, painting, laying floor tiles in classrooms and veranda, restroom renovation, and provision of computers and equipment for smart classrooms are being made through the project. 


LMW Ltd. has contributed to the construction of individual houses under the Green House Scheme of the Tamil Nadu government.

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