LRT to showcase its new development in ITMA ASIA

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Lakshmi Ring Travellers (Cbe) Limited – LRT is participating in ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018 to be held from 15th to 19th October, 2018 and will be present in H1–D23.

LRT is the largest manufacture of Ring Traveller globally and presently exports to 40 countries and is used in 75 Million spindles in over 6000 spinning mills. This testifies to the product quality and reliability. Its export growth is significant and is contributing to the overall growth of the company.  In most of these countries, LRT has stock of Travellers with their agents.

LRT will be showcasing its recent developments in terms of new finishes and profiles in Ring Travellers at ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018. The focus will be on increasing productivity to its customers by increasing the life of Travellers and also reduce the overall yarn breakage.

In the recent past, LRT has significantly improved its life of Travellers by providing different profiles, finishes and changing the manufacturing process. Continuous improvement is done by its R&D team for improving the life of Travellers and improving yarn quality.

One of the innovations which will be showcased at ITMA ASIA include, Platina finish Travellers. The co-efficient of friction between Ring and Travellers is significantly reduced in Platina Travellers which helps in achieving extra long life, higher spindle speeds and reduced start up breaks. It will be also exhibiting its other star products namely Sapphire Plus and Ruby finish which are already well accepted in the market.

In China , LRT is supplying to many big reputed groups with stock points in all major textile centres for quick delivery. These groups use LRT to improve the quality of yarn and to get a long life time with their Travellers. LRT currently supplies to over 15 Million spindles throughout China and is present in all textile spinning provinces. The agents of LRT has stocks in multiple locations in China to cater to their requirement of the customers within 24 hours.

The main strength of LRT is its service capability. Although Ring Travellers is a small product LRT has dedicated service engineers for each market. In China, like in all other countries, Technical support is given from Hongkong through Robert Chan of King March Development Limited. LRT also regularly sends its service engineers to the customer’s place for conducting various trials and helping the customers to increase the productivity by increasing the life of Travellers. Apart from Travellers, they also give free service in all other areas related to spinning which will help the mill for better housekeeping, improve quality, reduce labour and increase productivity. Also LRT’s R&D team visits the mills for understanding customer requirements and provide better products.

LRT has a modern production facility which ensures consistent quality. Raw materials are procured from the best sources in the world. LRT houses state of the art testing facilities for measuring hardness, friction, micro structure analysis and surface finish.

LRT has a wide range of Travellers to meet the spinning requirements of any count or material. This makes LRT a One stop source for all their customers. 

LRT has specific Travellers for specific applications. For compact or Compact Siro, LRT has EL1 UDR, U1 EL UDR Travellers, for synthetics LRT has U1 US UDR Travellers and so on to suit the mill conditions. Also it has developed different finishes to cater to the different needs of the customer.

In keeping tune with its USP “One stop source for Total Traveller Solutions,” publishes its newsletter regularly and participates in all major national and international exhibitions. LRT has a comprehensive website – which contains all necessary information related to Travellers and is interactive in nature. The website had detailed information on Ring Traveller recommendation, Problem solving, customer support and   product range and company details. It also has a comprehensive multimedia, interactive CD for the benefit of its customers.


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