A.T.E. Partners Screen O Tex For Textile Screens

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A.T.E. has partnered with Screen O Tex India Private Limited, Ahmedabad, India for the marketing and sales of textile screens in South India and Bangladesh.  Screen O Tex has established itself over the last several years and is now at the forefront in the rotary nickel screen business both for textile and non-textile applications.

Screens from Screen O Tex are manufactured and controlled to have consistent thickness, a uniform open area and error free repeats – which form the three pillars of quality for wide screens. These high standards result in superior registration, vivid designs, and the finest, error free print results. Moreover, the screens are cost effective and reliable, with multiple stripping and reuse possible due to their excellent ductility.

With its focus on research and development, technology, and quality centered processes, Screen O Tex has consistently maintained European quality standards for its screens, meeting the needs of the textile printing market all over the world.    

A.T.E. with its rich experience in rotary screen printing, is pleased to be able to further augment its offering to textile customers in South India and Bangladesh with high quality textile screens.


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