Coimbatore Spinning Mill Owner Testifies For Italian Savio’s EcoPulsarS Automatic Winder

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The Eco PulsarS automatic winder is manufactured by Savio Macchine Tessilli, Italy, and is based on cutting edge technology. With innovation as its hallmark, the Eco PulsarS with its several new features is setting new benchmarks in performance and quality.

Eco PulsarS has already carved out a niche among the leading textile players in India with many machines already running successfully. Presenting consistently superior performance in terms of huge power savings, productivity, yarn quality, ease of operation, maintenance, and space optimization, Eco PulsarS is emerging as the preferred choice in the Indian market.. A.T.E. and Savio are working together to serve Indian customers with this most advanced automatic winder. One of the first customers reaping the benefits of the Eco PulsarS winder is Muthur Murugan Mills Ltd (MMML), located on the outskirts of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. The mill which currently has a capacity of 14,000 spindles was established in 1989 by  S P Chinnaraj and S S Rajkumar with a single open end machine of 192 rotors to manufacture cotton yarn.  Since then it has grown steadily.

MMML has attained power independence with the installation of wind mills for a reliable, eco-friendly power supply to the unit.  The uninterrupted power supply helps MMML to meet the demands of its customers consistently without any disruption. With flexibility in terms of composition as well as quantity, MMML can develop a wide range of yarn and fabrics based on the customer requirements.

The following are extracts of an interaction with S C Vijayavelu, Executive Director of Muthur Murugan Mills Ltd. 

You are one of the first yarn spinners to install Savio's Eco PulsarS winding machine. What convinced you to take this decision, and also to repeat it?

Yes, this is a really interesting question! I have already answered this question to a lot of yarn spinners who asked me. First, when we were thinking about purchasing an automatic winding machine, we had the other suppliers’ machine models running or installed and working in many mills in India.  But the decision we took to buy Savio’s Eco PulsarS was on the good trust and reliability in Savio products through the Savio POLAR model which was highly successful and well established for years.

When it comes for Eco PulsarS, we could see the concept and the technology was new and that this provides lots of advantages to the buyer;   when the Savio team explained us in detail about those features we could see that others do not have these technologies.  Further, the clearer-LOEPFE and the splicer-MESDAN are the best in the industry which everyone knows are from the group of Savio.  These all reasons made us decide to go with Eco PulsarS.

And once the first machine was installed, we found and experienced that the technology of Eco PulsarS started delivering as committed and we are pleased to repeat the order.

We are fully satisfied with the performance of the Eco PulsarS and the sales and service. We trust in the Savio team and in their new generation technology, they deserve a real applause for their efforts.

How far are your expectations fulfilled with Savio's new model winder Eco PulsarS?

Our expectations are 100% fulfilled with this Eco PulsarS 80 drums when it comes to power.  We are getting the lowest ever UKG at present with desired production and excellent package quality.  The air consumption is also less when compared to others. We are comfortable with the hard waste as it is below the limits for our warp and knitting quality. In labor too, we have considerable savings with higher production.  The overall performance is unmatched with other auto winders even with Savio’s earlier model as well.

Apart from technology, what is your feedback on after sales/sales support?

Savio after sales is really excellent and we have never expected so much of support from them apart from the technology.   This will again enhance the confidence in Savio Eco PulsarS to a large extent.

After the sales responsibility was taken over by A.T.E., we could see a huge difference in the way of approach and process which is highly appreciated. We are highly satisfied with their regular follow-up and their updates to us as and when required. 

What are your future plans as a spinner?

We strongly believe in “Let our quality speak.” Our future plans are to expand into the industrial textile market and to increase our capacity of production with new generation machinery. We want to grow more in the domestic market. 


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