Honghai Hangzhou Hails Rieter Technology For Producing Air-Jet Spun Yarn

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Rieter customer Honghai Hangzhou Textile Co., Ltd. is aiming to become China’s largest manufacturer on the market for air-jet-spun yarn. Despite increased energy and personnel costs, the company’s goal is to market a yarn offering a high level of quality and consistency.

Honghai Hangzhou Textile Co., Ltd. is a fully invested subsidiary of the Hongfeng Textile Group, located in Hangzhou, China. The company has invested in a full system of semi-automated rotor-spinning machinery from Rieter, producing an annual output of 50 000 tons of Ne 10 and Ne 30 viscose yarn. The yarns are well-known and demand for them is high. The yarns are sold in the Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong regions in China and are also exported to international markets (Brazil, Turkey, etc.).

The Challenge: Increasing the Production of Viscose Yarn

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In 2016, Honghai faced a very high demand for viscose yarn. The C 70 card machines from Rieter, which already deliver a high level of performance, processing 80 to 115 kg of sliver per hour, were unable to meet the demand. Rieter recommended enhancing the card production with new technological parts. It was extremely important to the customer that the quality level of the sliver was retained, even at higher production speeds.

The Solution: Card C 70

Upon Rieter’s recommendation, Honghai decided to test various parts with new technologies. One of these parts was an aero-dynamically optimized profile, or “tongue”, that influences the transition of the fibers from the card cylinder to the doffer. During the trial period, the company then ran two cards with a high level of success, achieving a production rate of 160 kg/h each while maintaining the sliver quality. Consequently, Honghai decided to upgrade its remaining 68 cards with the recommended technology parts.

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The Benefits for Honghai: Developing Its Market Position

Production at the spinning mill increased by 40% to 100% and the profitability of Honghai rose substantially. The investment in the new technology parts for all cards paid off in a short period of time. The company was able to quickly adjust to meet the market demands for viscose yarn and expand its position on the market.

The Customer’s Statement

“The technological innovations made with the C 70 make us more profitable. Production has increased substantially although the costs for the conversions were very low. As a result, we have bought more sets of parts and upgraded all our cards. With Rieter’s innovations and technology we can maximize our profits,” said Xinfeng Cui, Mill Manager at Honghai Hangzhou Textile Co., Ltd.

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