Kusters Carves A Niche In Wet Processing

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In Wet processing one of the important Point to achieve better result is to have even application of dyes/chemicals/water to get even results.

This is possible through pioneered Swimming Roll technology by following flexibilities –

– Uniform linear pressure over the entire roll width also with varying total pressures.

– Optimum nip-control by two “S-Rolls” with continuous deflection control by giving maximum flexibility

– Service free pressure application unit.

– Dye-liquor through, lifted and lowered pneumatically, tailored to the process (with heating & cooling), minimum liquor content with full process safety.

– Optimum control of dye liquor composition.

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– PLC-controlled auto cleaning, with minimum water consumption

Optimized Troughs:

– For various processes and fabric qualities.

– With integrated heat exchanger.

– Improved access to the fabric path.

Optimized fabric guiding for all Fabrics:

– Low Fabric tension.

– Short Fabric Paths.

– Easy Upgrading through building block system.

– Combined woven/tension sensitive fabric selectable.

– Quick and easy fabric thread up.

Sophisticated Applications:

– For critical dye technologies with a wider range of adjustment.

– Function examples of Padder with 2 S-Rolls

– Controlled even and uneven linear pressure.

Technical data of Dye Padder:

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– Number of S-Rolls :- 2

– Trough Capacity : – 22-80 Ltr.

– Linear pressure :- 12-50 N/mm

With the deflection controlled S-Roll, maximum pressure can be achieved (50 N/mm & more). This pressure is infinitely variable from minimum (basic load) to maximum, maintaining a constant uniform nip pressure. A characteristic feature of the S-Roll technology is the small roll diameter and the fact that there is no need for any crowned roll. This guarantees a maximum specific pressure, an absolutely even squeezing effect over the entire width of the roll nip, controlled even or uneven linear pressures.

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S-Roll Dye Padders, S-Roll Mangles and High Efficiency Squeezers by Kusters Calico under Jagenberg Group, are the most efficient solutions.


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