Pantone Ushers In Fresh Colour Range For Polyester

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Pantone has introduced products that are dyed on 100% warp knit polyester. The products have the capability to be deftly employed in colour management for poly-blends, polyester and other synthetic materials.

The product is titled the new Pantone Polyester Swatch Set. It is composed of 203 new colours. The colours range from evergreen neutrals to dazzling neon. These range of colours are absent in the current cotton library. Besides, these colours cannot be reproduced in cotton with the same degree of clarity and intensity.

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Pantone is a provider of professional colour standards to the design industry. The company has ushered in polyester standards for footwear, athleisure, swimwear, sleepwear, home textiles and fashion accessories. The latter is a part of its home and interior system besides its fashion arsenal.

In a recent press statement, the Pantone Color Institute Vice President, Laurie Pressman, said, “In today’s culture where colour plays an important part in our visual identity, we see an increasing desire for more saturated colours that help us stand out; colours beyond those formulated for natural fibres; colours whose appearance displays greater hue intensity. Our new polyester offering addresses this demand for a deeper level of coloration, resulting in a comprehensive mix of colours relevant across design industries including all fashion- and lifestyle-driven markets, as well as home furnishings.”

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