Pixel 2 Print Enhances Portfolio with Efi hybrid 3.2 meters printer

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Arrow Digital installs the Efi Vutek GS3200 printer at Pixel 2 Print, Bangalore. Pawan Sharma, C C Kuttapa and S P Sudarshan, managing partners at Pixel 2 Print, adds, hybrid machines are a necessity in today’s market, no one prefers messy vinyl pasting when we can easily print on rigid substrates. Today the market is of mixed requirements and they all need complete solutions from one point. The demand of Creative Printing is increasing. Multilayer Printing is in the Vogue nowadays and throws up profitable jobs as very few printers in the market can meet these demands.

Arrow Digital adds, The GS3200 delivers category-defining, photorealistic quality and expands the reach of superwide printing into new industries and applications. EfiVUTEk’s Dual Resolution Capability enables true 600 dpi and true 1000 dpi output with selectable 24pl or 12pl drop sizes. The GS3200 is ideal for beautiful fine art replication, detailed photography, and stunning high-definition POP displays, as well as traditional 3.2 meter banner and signage applications.

The GS3200 produces eye-catching, photorealistic graphics in 8-color (plus double white) mode at speeds up to 1200 ft2/hr.  In its exclusive, 4-color plus white, Fast-5 mode, with incredible speeds up to 2400 ft2/hr, the GS3200 easily competes with high-volume commercial production printers. With such impressive throughput, same day Order-to-Delivery is a reality. Unlike wide-format printers that sacrifice speed for high-quality imagery, or grand-format printers that compromise quality to deliver speed, the GS3200 delivers exceptional photographic quality at high-production speeds, with zero compromises.

The GS3200 hybrid UV printer exemplifies flexible, versatile production with its unmatched ability to transition from rigid to roll-to-roll under one minute, and its capacity to print on a broad range of substrates. It delivers true, in-line, three-layer white-printing capability, allowing access to a whole new range of creative, high-value applications. This multifaceted printer is the perfect replacement for a wide range of wide-format and Superwide printers in one shop, and has a much smaller footprint. With easy switching from 8-color (plus white) to Fast-5 color mode, increased media handling capabilities, and Dual Resolution (600 or 1000 dpi selectable), the GS3200 is perfect for long runs or short runs in high quality and high speeds, offering the highest return on investment (ROI) in the industry.

According to the company spokesperson, “We have been in this industry for many years in South India and cater to a wide range of Brands and corporates and have a reputation to deliver products of the best quality and with the fastest turnaround times. We are the leading providers of most billboards, in shop graphics and signage in Bangalore and surrounding areas and we are fast converting our solvent prints to Greener materials and print solutions and our customers love the new applications with the fantastic color gamut of a Efi VUTEk 10 color ink set. With the help of Arrow we are even more confident of creating more applications to improve the brand image and also to enter new profitable markets.”


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