Positive Trend For Italian Textile Machinery Continues Through Q3, Says ACIMIT

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The positive trend in Italian textile machinery orders continues through to the third quarter of 2017, according to Association Of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers (ACIMIT) data.

“Growth for the Italian market is progressing, albeit following a more contained rhythm. The extended measures for Industry 4.0 will serve to keep this thrust going towards the digitalisation of the entire Italian textile sector,” ACIMIT President Alessandro Zucchi stated.

According to ACIMIT data for the period from July to September, the orders index for Italian textile machinery rose by 6% compared to the same period in 2016. The index has a value of 107.3 points (2010 basis = 100).

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In further detail, foreign markets showed a 6% increase, with the index reaching a value of 119.4 points. As for Italy’s domestic front, the increase instead amounted to 8%, with an absolute value for the index of 51.5 points.

“Orders have continued their growth trend, making us confident that we will close out the year on a positive note,” Zucchi stated.

The primary foreign markets for Italian textile machinery have elicited a constant demand, while growth has been ongoing for Italy’s domestic market, even if at a lower overall rhythm compared to the quarter from April to June.

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“The measures relating to Industry 4.0, as envisaged in the upcoming Financial Budget Law, could very well keep the trend alive towards the digitalisation process necessary for the entire Italian textile sector,” Zucchi said.

ACIMIT represents the Italian industrial sector comprising around 300 manufacturers (employing close to 12,000 people) and producing machinery for an overall value of about 2.7 billion euros, with exports amounting to more than 85% of total sales.

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