Rieter Offers SERVOtrail To Enhance Efficiency Of Spinning Mills

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Rieter’s SERVOtrail is an all-weather solution for spinning mills across the globe. A brief profile of how the product helps save costs and improve efficiency is penned below by Rieter’s engineer.

The transport system for roving bobbins offers all customers a tailor-made solution. It is maintenance-free and ensures high yarn quality and consistently good machine efficiency. Personnel savings of up to 30 % are possible.

The modular roving bobbin transport system SERVOtrail offers the best possible material flow between the roving frame and ring respectively for compact spinning machines. It fulfills the most diverse customer requirements, thanks to various levels of automation. The functional system design and the modular combination of the SERVOtrail installation enable several levels and buildings to be linked.

Optimized personnel requirement

Whether operating on manual or fully-automatic variants, the SERVOtrail simplifies roving bobbin handling, reduces personnel requirements and consequently the production costs. The well thought-out bobbin transport shortens servicing paths for the operator. The ring spinning machines integrated into the circuit are working at optimal capacity. Above all, with fully automatic solutions and short cop runtimes of the ring spinning machine, the savings are substantial. A customer with a 16/320 spindle mill and coarse yarn can save up to 30 % ring spinning personnel.

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Guaranteed yarn quality

The SERVOtrail system transports the bobbins suspended. The outer, sensitive layer of the roving bobbins therefore remains unaffected.

When processing different assortments, a clear distinction is made and the appropriate spinning machine correctly allocated. Controlled intermediate storage by the transport system ensures that the bobbins remain clean and dust-free. Chaotic spaces congested with bobbin trolleys and dust-covered bobbins are thus a thing of the past. Full roving bobbins are always available and the roving is supplied to the ring spinning machine in reliable quality and perfect condition.

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Well considered, maintenance-free concept

Soiling, one of the greatest challenges in the spinning mill, is resolved with the SERVOtrail system by open, maintenance-free track profiles. These precisely manufactured aluminium profiles have tilted sliding surfaces. This has the advantage that no dust or dirt can adhere and cleaning is not necessary. The traveling cleaner on the ring spinning machine supports the cleanliness of tracks and trains. The downtimes required for cleaning work are minimized and maintenance costs decrease. Proven, stable components and the simple design make SERVOtrail a reliable and long-lasting system.

The right solution for every customer

Every spinning mill has its own individual requirements. Rieter offers its customers a modular transport system, that permits customized solutions due to its high level of flexibility. The following systems are available, with various degrees of automation for flexible and continuous requirements.

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Productivity increases

The SERVOtrail bobbin transport system combines many advantages: planning security, the optimal use of resources, a strict process sequence and guaranteed yarn quality. The permanent availability of full roving bobbins on the ring spinning machine makes a decisive contribution to increasing machine efficiency and productivity.


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