Rieter’s Customer Narrates R 36 Rotor Spinning Machine’s Success Story

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Rieter’s customer Shangshui Xianghu Textile wanted to find a way of efficiently using the cotton noils and cotton waste from the blowroom and the card and to thus profitably optimize their raw material blends. Using rotor spinning machine R 36 has provided the company with an incredibly positive experience.

Shangshui Xianghu Textile Co., Ltd. is located in Shangshui County, in the city of Zhoukou in the Chinese province of Henan. The company produces 12 million meters of greige fabric and 4 500 tons of cotton yarn per year; its most important products are Ne 16 and Ne 21 yarn.

The Challenge: To Produce Optimal Yarn from Cotton Noils and Cotton Waste

70% of the raw material used is cotton noils, while 30% is cotton waste, taken from both the blowroom and the card. The board of management at Shangshui Xianghu planned to use these raw materials to produce high-quality yarn in an economically efficient manner — with the aim of maximizing profit. In addition, the yarn produced would need to meet the customers’ requirements in every respect.

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The Solution: Rotor Spinning Machine R 36

Shangshui Xianghu has invested in four semi-automated rotor spinning machines R 36, each of which is equipped with 460 rotors. The machines are easy to operate and directly facilitate the production of large quantities of high-quality yarn. The R 36 fulfills every requirement specified by Shangshui Xianghu:

  • The two sides of the machine work fully independently of one another, offering a high degree of flexibility.
  • The excellent spinning technology, the yarn clearer Q 10 and the perfectly wound bobbins ensure that the product is of a high quality for the subsequent finishing process.
  • The R 36 also offers outstanding energy efficiency. The optional automatic piecing technology which Shangshui has elected to use has significantly reduced the time taken to restart the machine after power failures.
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The Benefits for Shangshui Xianghu: Outstanding Efficiency and Improved Yarn Quality

The diverse functions of the R 36 have far exceeded the customer’s expectations:

  • The machines have achieved 99 – 100% efficiency. The potential production capacity is 2 – 3% higher than that of comparable machines.
  • The benefits in terms of personnel costs speak for themselves: Fewer than 100 thread breakages per 1 000 operating hours results in a saving of 0.5 – 1 operators per machine, thus sustainably reducing personnel costs at Shangshui.
  • The yarn has found a high level of acceptance in the market.

The customer was able to increase its profits and the excellent performance of the R 36 has impressed Shangshui Xianghu to such an extent that the company has invested in two additional machines.

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The Customer’s Statement

The efficiency and stability of the R 36 is unparalleled. The yarn quality is consistently good. The R 36 was the correct choice,” says Jianguo Cui, President of Shangshui Xianghu Textile Co., Ltd.


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