Rieter’s SPIDERWeb Simplifies Economic Decisions For Spinning Mills

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Rieter has succeeded in making further enhancements to its super-efficient technology, namely SPIDERWeb, which has rendered it a comprehensive spinning mill monitoring and control system. Well over 250 customers in fifty countries are using SPIDERweb on more than 12 000 machines. It simplifies the proccess of economic decision making.

SPIDERWeb is the only spinning mill monitoring and control system available on the market. It integrates all processes in a spinning mill, all machine generations as well as all four spinning technologies from the fiber to the yarn. The system facilitates the making of economically sound decisions concerning the whole spinning mill operation. For 20 years, Rieter has been in the field worldwide with SPIDERWeb. The experience gained continues to flow into the further development of the system.

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Fault summary / Event history

All events and faults relevant to the production process are displayed in the logbook table and can be sorted by using code, time of occurrence or duration. No other mill control system offers such exact fault identification. Problem areas are identified fast and accurately and tasks can be prioritized. This saves time and enables high productivity for every individual machine and therefore the entire spinning mill.

Quality data

A number of machine-integrated sensors are used by SPIDERWeb, including the online quality monitor sensor for the draw frame, the yarn clearer sensor for rotor and air-jet spinning processes, and the ISM (Individual Spindle Monitoring) sensors for ring and compact spinning machines. The Quality Manager can, at any time, retrieve the quality data recorded online and presented graphically.

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Individualized reports

Longstanding expertise acquired by Rieter backs the SPIDERweb diagrams and tables. They can be very easily adapted to meet individual needs. Visual representations of important machine data can save a lot of time and help in making quick decisions.

SPIDERWeb, equipped with various modules, fulfills the following individual requirements of the spinning mill:

·         Mobile alert for quick action

·         Energy monitoring for optimized consumption

·         Quality control for consistent yarn properties

·         Climate monitoring for optimal production

·         Assistant modules – integrated expertise for rapid analyses.

SPIDERWeb provides competence in intelligent control of the spinning mill and increases economic viability in spinning.

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