“Truetzschler – a winning formula for us” – Arisudana

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Arisudana Industries Limitedmanufactures specialised range of 100% polyester yarns as well as polyester rich blends with other synthetic or cellulosic fibres like acrylic, viscose, bamboo and linen. They also make these blends in value added variations including mélanges, fancy effects like neps, hairy, slub, injection, jaspe, etc.,

Arisudana also expanded to airjet spinning in 2002. Under the visionary leadership of its Managing Director, Gagan Khanna, the airjet project included Truetzschler DK-780 cards and HSR 1000 draw-frames.

With its focus on quality and the latest technology machinery, Arisudana has carved a niche for vortex yarns in the Indian as well as global textile industry. To meet the growing demand for their yarns, Arisudana steadily increased the capacity from 1728 to 2880 positions from 2012 to 2016. They further added 1728 airjet spinning positions in 2017, which were fully commissioned in March 2018. They are producing 1500 tons per month of airjet yarns making them the largest producers in their field globally.

The latest expansion once again includes many Truetzschler machines: 4 Truetzschler blow-room lines, 16 Truetzschler TC 10 1/S cards, 8 Truetzschler twin-delivery draw-frames TD 9T and 8 Truetzschler finisher TD 8 draw-frames.

When asked about the choice of machines for this latest expansion, Gagan Khanna said “The polyester yarn spun on MJS airjet spinning machines is superior to ring spun in terms of pilling, hairiness, drape/fall, hand-feel, dye pick-up, wicking, fabric life, wash resistance etc. It is also superior to MVS polyester in terms of drape/fall, hand-touch, dye pick-up, wicking, wash resistance, weak spots, etc. However, MJS machines, being high speed & zero twist machines, require the best quality input fibre & sliver preparation machines. Hence, we decided to stick with our winning formula of Truetzschler blow-rooms, cards and draw-frames & MJS spinning machines”.

He further added that “In 2002, when we were in the process of installing our first unit of airjet machines, we wanted to go for the state-of-the-art sliver preparation machinery and we zeroed in on DK-780 and HSR 1000 machines which were the best machines available in the market. This was the beginning of our journey with Truetzschler”.

Sidharth Khanna, Director of Arisudana Industries Limited & alumni of the London School of Economics (LSE), represents the third generation of the Khanna family in the management of the company. When quizzed about Truetzschler’s technology he said “We are very happy with Truetzschler machines. The quality of engineering, self-cleaning mechanisms, trouble-free working, productivity & sliver quality are excellent. Besides, our technicians find it very easy to shift from one product to the other and are able to make all the necessary adjustments easily. This is especially useful for spinners like us who are making several varieties of yarn.”

Talking of his experience with A.T.E., Sidharth Khanna said that “No doubt, A.T.E. has been a good medium between us & our machinery suppliers, Truetzschler & Luwa. A.T.E. has always been supportive and forthcoming with information. It has always been a pleasant experience interacting with the A.T.E. team.”

Gagan Khanna further added that “We are planning to put up another ring spinning plant and as A.T.E. represents Truetzschler, Savio as well as Luwa, it will play a pivotal role in our expansion.”


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