Truetzschler Draw Frame TD-8 Rules the Open End Segment

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In the past, open end spinning mills usually produced coarser yarn counts with non-auto leveler draw frames.  However, the situation has changed in recent years as most open end spinners are improving the quality of the yarn they produce. They now invest in auto leveler draw frames, and look for machines with lesser maintenance needs and also equipped with on-line quality monitoring systems.

Truetzschler has been known for more than 50 years as a world renowned supplier of blow-room and cards catering to quality conscious customers. With the newly designed draw frame TD-8, building on product development in draw frames over the last twenty five years, Truetzschler is setting high benchmarks even in the auto-leveler draw frame segment.

As the quality filter of a spinning mill, the draw frame prevents defects in the draw frame sliver. This is of critical importance because quality can no longer be improved after the draw frame.

This precisely is the key strength of the Truetzschler auto-leveller draw frame TD 8. It is available in two versions – for high production rates up to 1000 m/minute, the TD 8 is the perfect solution; and for combing mills requiring a delivery speed up to 600 m/minute, the TD 8-600 is the ideal match. Both are optimally designed for their respective areas of applications.

Innovative and future ready features

All Truetzschler draw frames feature only computer-controlled direct drives. This makes them far superior to conventional designs that rely on differential gears, angular gears and change wheels. Additional distinguishing characteristics of the TD-8 are the pneumatically loaded drawing system, and the short-wave adaptive levelling system with newly developed Truetzschler sensors to measure slivers fed and delivered.

Advantages at a glance

  • 4-over-3 drawing system geometry
  • Pneumatically loaded top rolls
  • Digitally controlled, maintenance-free, highly dynamic servo drive
  • Pressure bar in main draft area
  • Perfect continuous suction with low, energy-saving negative filter pressure
  • Pneumatic web threading
  • Easy to operate
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The most flexible installation concept

In general, Truetzschler draw frames offer all variants necessary for the application requirements:

  • Creel in one or two rows
  • Creel for 6-fold or 8-fold doubling
  • Creel for 600, 1,000 mm cans and jumbo  cans 1,200 mm
  • Creel adjustable in height to the selected can height
  • Servo creel or feed creel
  • Can changer with active or passive can supply
  • Can changer for cans with rolls or transfer to a can carriage

Truetzschler TD 8 has established itself as the preferred choice of most of the customers producing up to 36’s OE count.  The following testimonials by some of the mills in South India highlight the deep satisfaction with Truetzschler draw frames. 

Kavitha Textiles, Palladam, started an open end project for backward integration during 2011 with 384 rotors. At present, it has 1800 rotors running Ne 20’s count with a production capacity of 4 tonnes/day. M Subramaniam – Managing Director, Kavitha Textiles, said: “We had detailed discussions, to our full satisfaction, on the technical features of the Truetzschler draw frames. The brand value of Truetzschler then tilted our decision in Truetzschler’s favour.”

KMS Spinners, Coimbatore, started in the agricultural sector and then diversified to start their OE unit in 2015 with 1960 rotors. Now planning to expand its capacity, S Sedhuram, Managing Partner, is quite happy about KMS’ investment in Truetzschler technology. The mills have blow room, cards and draw frames which support a 6 tonnes/day of 16’s to 20’s Ne count. Sedhuram said: “Initially we had placed the order with another supplier. But after doing market research with repeated visits and demos organised by A.T.E. personnel, I was personally convinced about the technology offered by Truetzschler TD-8 and decided to go with A.T.E. for Truetzschler draw frames.” Mr. Mani, Managing Partner said: “The important criterion for choosing Truetzschler TD 8 was the user friendly servo drafting system which assures the expected quality.”

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Periyanaki Mills, Coimbatore, started its OE unit in 1990 with 400 rotors, which has grown to the present 2400 rotors producing 16’s and 30’s Ne and making 5 tonnes/day. K S Kathirrvelu, Managing Director said: “A.T.E. not only promotes its technology with us but they always share the developments in the market. Truetzschler has worldwide brand value and we were totally at ease with its technology. The best part was Truetzschler’s total flexibility to offer solutions to meet our expectation. The most important criteria in our case for choosing the Truetzschler draw frame was the low maintenance and easy availability of spares and services.”

Ponvinayaka Mills, Coimbatore, which started its unit in 1998 with 480 rotors is presently running 3760 rotors producing 7 tonnes/day making 16’s and 20’s Ne. C P Vadivel, Managing Director, said: “A.T.E. always represents world class products like Truetzschler. When we decided to go with the latest technology, we found Truetzschler draw frames having many unique features, lesser mechanical drives and monitoring of quality parameters through display. We are using the Truetzschler draw frames for last 2 years and we found consistency in quality and a low maintenance cost. We would be happy to recommend Truetzschler technology to others.”

Sri Krishna Textiles, Palladam, started its weaving unit in 1996 with 42 power looms. Later it started its open end unit in 2009 with 880 rotors. Now the group has extended its spinning operations up to 5204 rotors in the units Sri Siva Krishna Textiles and Sri Krishna Textile Mills, with a total production of 20 tonnes/day in counts from 4’s Ne to 26’s Ne. Sathiyaseelan, Joint Managing Director, said: “I feel A.T.E. and Truetzschler are the right business partners who deliver world class technologies to the Indian spinning industry. While deciding to buy draw frames we compared all existing players and came to the conclusion that Truetzschler machines gave the best price performance ratio. We felt that for OE process, the Truetzschler drafting system with its ease to operate the drafting rolls and lesser mechanical drives were superior to others.”

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Thirumurugan Spinners, Coimbatore, started in 2011 with 480 rotors and has grown to 2200 rotors with 6 tonnes/day capacity making 16’s Ne and 20’s Ne. S Karuppusamy, Managing Director, said “A.T.E. is the one stop solution provider to the Indian textile spinning industry and Truetzschler is a brand well known for quality worldwide. Our mill technicians are very happy with the Truetzschler draw frames from day one. The quality given by the machines is very much to our expectations and the low maintenance cost gives us better margins.”


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