Truetzschler Showcase MAGNOTOP As High Performance Technology

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Spinning mills must be flexible in their production and scheduling to adapt to changes in the yarn market. This necessitates frequent and quick lot changes to meet the changing market needs, while always maintaining high quality standards of the output. 

Frequent and quick lot-changes present the same challenges as in the case of changes in raw material varieties as far as card settings go – both calls for frequent changes of flat tops.  This was a major challenge involving a colossal waste of time, manpower, and cost, until Truetzschler together with Trützschler Card Clothing invented a panacea – MAGNOTOP flat tops.

MAGNOTOP flat tops allows for faster resumption of production

Usually, for replacement of a set of flat tops, each one of the 84 flat bars has to be manually transported to the card accessories room and needs to be handled several times during the process of replacement. With MAGNOTOP, this needs to be done only once – that too just near the card – and this reduces time for changing a set of flat tops from approximately 14 hours to less than 2 hours!

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The MAGNOTOP system uses neodymium magnets, which are the strongest permanent magnets ever: one neodymium magnet, smaller than a mobile phone, can easily lift or hold a weight of 100 kg.

Change of flat tops, entirely without tools

The patented MAGNOTOP flat tops use these neodymium high energy magnets in the form of strips. On the back of the clothing strips there is a matching thin, flexible metal strip. Once positioned on the flat bar, the clothing strips independently occupy their precise position and are securely attached – the magnetic forces hugely exceed the carding forces. Thus, the fastening is absolutely reliable; yet on the other hand, the clothing strips can simply be "peeled off" from the flat bar with little tool provided with the clothing set.

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Today, replacement of cylinder and doffer clothing directly on the card is a routine matter. Now with MAGNOTOP the complete replacement of flat tops is also possible on the card in a simple and direct manner. Another advantage is the quick and easy testing of new types of flat tops. Further, the previously used MAGNOTOP clothing strips which are still in working order can be reused at any time.

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Another great benefit: MAGNOTOP eliminates the need for an expensive flat workshop as the clothing strips can be replaced directly on the card.  


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