Truetzschler’s Second Generation IDF 2 Machines Expand Spectrum Of Applications

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The launch of the second generation IDF 2 machines has expanded the spectrum of applications. The first generation was primarily used in the area of coarse and medium yarns. The second generation also covers fine rotor yarns successfully.

There is no easier way to earn money than through process reduction, since machines which are not needed require no investment and no operating costs. This applies to draw frames in rotor spinning. In modern rotor spinning, conventional draw frames are not necessary.

In connection with the Integrated Draw Frame (IDF), thousands of Truetzschler cards successfully produce high-quality slivers for rotor spinning.

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The advantages in terms of quality and economic efficiency of such machines are well known in terms of improved yarn quality and product quality, improved running behaviour of the rotor spinning machines, significantly reduced space requirement, savings in energy costs, less cans as well as reduced personnel requirement.

Incidentally, Truetzschler is one of the world's leading textile machinery manufacturers. The company specialises in machines, installations and accessories for spinning preparation, the nonwovens and man-made fibre industry. The headquarters of the more than 125-year-old company is located in Mönchengladbach, Germany.

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Its subsidiaries Truetzschler Nonwovens and Man-Made Fiber GmbH with two production sites, and Truetzschler Card Clothing GmbH, are also located in Germany. Company sites in India, China, Brazil, USA and Switzerland, as well as a number of service centres, provide customer proximity in important textile processing areas.

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