Yellow Octopus Launches reGAIN app In UK Circles To Recycle Used Clothes

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According to a report submitted by a private study group, more than 70% of the consumers do not wear even 50% of the clothing items they own. To address this issue, an innovative UK based firm has come up with a mobile app that helps recycling clothes that have been otherwise consigned to the waste bins.

The Waste and Resources Action Program (WRAP) agency estimated that upward of 300,000 tons of garments end up in landfills in UK. To rectify this situation, reGAIN app has launched a campaign whereby the clothing that ends in landfills get diverted to responsible organizations. These organizations collect the unwanted clothing in exchange for discount coupons from major retail brands like Superdry, Asics, Boohoo and Expedia.

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Jack Ostrowski developed the mobile app. He is the founder of Yellow Octopus that affords commercial solutions which are sustainable to the fashion industry. The company has worked hand-in-hand with big brands like ASOS, John Lewis, Primark besides other major UK supermarkets for the past 12 years. The newly launched app seeks to alter consumers’ attitudes and perceptions in the realm of clothing. It encourages users to value the clothing they purchase and reflect upon how it can be put to good use even after it fades from their memory.

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The inventor of the app stated in a media interaction, “We are realists, not idealists. We know that we can’t stop people from buying clothes, but we can incentivize them to change their habits and divert hundreds of tons of clothing from UK landfill. Our long-term goal is a world in which clothes never become waste.”

“The reGAIN app turns commercial sustainability into action and provides a modern solution for fast fashion lovers by rewarding sustainable behavior. Stopping clothes from going to landfill is the first step towards a circular economy,” he concluded in his interaction.

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