Asian Nylon Prices Stable

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Caprolactam (CPL)

Caprolactam prices in Asia were stable to up amid range bound benzene market and insipid trading after the holiday. In China, spot prices for liquid and flake goods were firmer while Sinopec and Fibrant issued February contract settlements for liquid lower than their respective nominations. Demand was stagnant with run rates at polymerization units at 80% and yarn makers up at 55%. Caprolactam markers rolled over with SE and FE Asia at US$2,000-2,050 per metric ton. In China, spot prices for liquid goods were up US$5-10 to US$2,475-2,550 per metric ton while flake solid materials were up US$35 at US$2,645-2,710 per metric ton. In Europe, initial February contracts were settled at decreases of Euro20 at Euro2,249-2,411 per metric ton FD NWE.

Nylon Filament Yarn (NFY)

Nylon filament yarn prices picked up on the back of strong chip and caprolactam markets, but demand was still thin as downstream textile producers operated at low rates post holidays. Demand for FDY, DTY and POY was positive as warp knitting mills and covering mills ran at higher rate of 25%, while circular knitting mills and lacing mills ran at 15% which will rise significantly in coming weeks. Nylon FDY70D/24F SD prices were raised US cents 2-6 to US$3.50-3.62 per kg while DTY70D were hiked US cents 3 to US$3.62-3.91 per kg.


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