Mixed Trends in Acrylic Prices

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Acrylonitrile (ACN)

Acrylonitrile spot prices were down in Asian markets and may stay so if the current buy-sell gap fails to improve soon. The prospect was further aggravated by China’s recent announcement of a 25% tariff for US ACN imports. In Europe, spot prices remained unchanged while an initial April contract price was agreed up on the month. US spot export prices fell on lower feedstock cost and downtrend in China. Asian marker, the FE CFR fell US$25 to US$1,954-1,956 per metric ton while offers in India were flat at US$1,950-2,000 per metric ton CFR. European spot ACN prices were flat at US$1,903-1,907 per metric ton CIF Mediterranean US export prices plunged US$90 on the fortnight to US$1,790-1,810 per metric ton FOB USG.

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ASF prices generally rolled over in China and India amid volatile raw material acrylonitrile prices. In China, ASF producers rolled over offers for now, but may pull them up despite off season, due to the mounting cost pressure. In India, producers’ prices remained unchanged for April after they were hiked for March.  In China, offers for medium-length fibre and cotton-type ASF remained flat at US$2.68-2.92 per kg while Taiwan origin 3D bright ASF tow offers rolled over at US$2.45-2.55 per kg. In India, offers were at INR176.00-187.50 per kg (US$2.71-2.88 per kg).

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