Nylon prices upbeat in Asia

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Caprolactam prices were seen surging in China as supply was tightened by low run rates and trading prices thus picked up. Mainstream prices for liquid and flake materials jumped 8% in the fortnight as trading atmosphere was reported to be modest. The SE and FE Asia markers were at US$ 2,060-2,120 per metric ton, up US$ 10-20 on the fortnight while in China, spot prices for liquid goods surged to 16,300-16,800 Yuan per metric ton (US$ 2,550-2,580 per metric ton, up US$ 190) while flake goods jumped to 16,700 Yuan per metric ton (US$ 2,615 per metric ton, up US$ 205). In Europe, initial May Caprolactam contracts rose following benzene increase and balanced fundamental. A number of market participants settled May contracts with increases of Euro 5 from April citing rise in monthly benzene contracts and producers and buyers sharing the additional costs for the month. April contracts were in the range of Euro 2,235-2,396 per metric ton FD NWE.


Nylon filament yarn prices surged for the second straight week as upstream caprolactum spot prices rose and chip market continued to move up. Demand was supportive to the rise as textile makers operated at stable rates and showed strong buying appetite leading to increased demand for FDY, DTY and POY. FDY70D/24F SD prices surged to 22.00-22.50 Yuan per kg (US$ 3.44-3.52 per kg, up US cents 14), while DTY70D prices rose to 22.50-23.80 Yuan per kg (US$ 3.52-3.73 per kg, up US cents 6). Cord fabric 1,260D prices also increased to 27.00-27.50 Yuan per kg (US$ 4.23-4.31 per kg, up US cents 13). Nylon staple fiber 1.5D prices were lifted sharply to 19.50-20.50 Yuan per kg (US$ 3.05-3.21 per kg, up US cents 9).


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