2014 China Cotton Planting Intention Survey


In December, 2013, China Cotton Association Cotton Farmer Cooperation Branch and Xinjiang Huatai Cotton Cooperative conducted a survey of 2014 cotton planting intention of 2,724 units of cotton growers in 310 counties in 12 inland provinces and Xinjiang municipality. According to the result of the survey, average cotton planting intention reduced by 8.9% nationally, a third year decline in succession.

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Among the 2,724 units of growers, 25.5% projected to reduce the acreage, 10.8% planned to increase, 49.7% unchanged, and 14.1% undecided. Calculation based on last year’s cotton acreage statistics of CCA, the 2014 national cotton planting acreage is estimated to be 63.72 million mu (4.24 million hectare). 

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