CAB Releases First Estimates On Indian Cotton For 2016-17 Season

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In the first meeting of the Cotton Advisory Board this year for the cotton season 2016-17 was held on October 24.  It was chaired by Textile commissioner, Dr. Kavita Gupta. Officers from the union & state bodies attended the meeting and released state-wise data of cotton output. The Cotton Advisory Board in its recent release indicated that the state of Gujarat had the highest production for the current year with 94 lakh bales of 170 kg each. A close second in line was the state of Maharashtra for which the figures stood at 75 lakh bales. Projections for the year ending 2017 for Gujarat stand at 95 lakh bales. The corresponding figure for Maharashtra stands at a significantly higher 89 lakh bales.
The Advisory Board also released data on the balance sheet of cotton production in the country. The balance sheet reproduced below indicates that a total of 69 lakh bales of 170 kg each were exported this year.             
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