India’s synthetic textile exports fall 5% in April-May ‘13


Exports of Indian man-made fiber (MMF) textiles during April-May 2013 stood at US$ 703.35 million (Rs. 3,783.45 crore), witnessing a fall of 5%, according to statistics released by the Synthetic and Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council (SRTEPC). Exports of Indian MMF fabrics has dominated the total exports with 41% share, followed by yarn with a share of 31%, made-ups 20% and fiber 8%.

However, fabric exports have witnessed a slight fall of 2.94% during the period under review. In fabrics, polyester filament fabrics (US$ 106.58 million) was the main fabric item with a share of 37%, followed by synthetic filament fabrics (US$ 58.39 million) with a share of 20%, and polyester viscose fabrics (US$ 46.13 million) accounting for a 16% share in total synthetic and rayon textile exports.

The next important category, yarns, recorded a sharp fall of 10.17% to US$ 220.07 million.  In case of yarn, polyester filament yarns occupy a dominant position of over 53%. Exports during April-May 2013 at US$ 118.41 million, recorded the sharpest fall of 11.94% within the product segment. Polyester viscose yarns, with a share of 9.79%, witnessed a 33% export growth to US$ 21.54 million. Despite imposition of anti-dumping/subsidy duties by Turkey and  Brazil, these two countries were the leading markets for exports of Indian MMF yarns with exports worth of US$ 33 million and US$ 24.91 million respectively.

In made-ups, exports of mufflers, shawls/scarves, with exports of US$ 22.45 million and US$ 12.74 million, were the main items in the segment.  USA has emerged as the leading market for Indian MMF made-ups. Other major markets include Saudi Arabia, Italy, UAE, Benin, Croatia, Spain, etc.

Saudi Arabia remains the largest market for Indian MMF textiles, with exports at US$ 77.33 million, during the period recording an increase of 16%. Exports to USA fell 9% to US$ 60 million. Exports to Pakistan have shown a downtrend, after many months to US$ 45.63 million, a fall of 3.17% compared to the corresponding period of the previous year.

India’s MMF textile exports to Spain have registered a strong growth of 34% during April-May 2013 to US$ 14 million. 


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