Oerlikon Neumag: New Staple Fibre Plant For Production Of Smaller Lots


Oerlikon Neumag presented plants and technologies for the production of high-quality fibre applications. For the first time, the new staple fibre plant Staple FORCE S 1000 was introduced in China.

By means of virtual reality presentations, potential were able to visually convince themselves of the benefits of the system: the small design with its compact construction and low throughputs of up to 15 tons per day, enables swift product colour changes with considerably lower waste. The savings in terms of energy and water resulting from the deployment of a dry-drawing process, lead to a reduction in operating costs and simultaneously protect the environment. The option to install the system on a standard industrial floor also minimizes investment costs.

"Efficient, flexible and compact – these are extremely attractive factors for our customers, opening up diverse, new market potentials for them", sums up Oerlikon Manmade Fibres Sales Director Michael Korobczuk.                       


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