Turkey Continues ADD on Some Chinese Origin Products

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Turkey has continued anti-dumping duties on some finished and semi-finished artificial leather item exports from China. The rates that are maintained within the framework of new Decree No. 2015/9 for certain finished or semi-finished artificial leather are illustrated in the table. These therefore continue to be applicable to imports from mainland China as from 12 April 2015:

Within the framework of the abovementioned expiry review investigation, which was initiated on 18 April 2014 in order to evaluate the likelihood of recurrence of dumping and injury should the measures be repealed, 12 companies resident in mainland China and 20 importing companies were invited to cooperate. Despite this, only two importing companies submitted their responses to the Ministry of Economy whereas none of the companies resident in mainland China are said to have cooperated.

Upon the completion of the investigation, Turkey’s domestic industry was found to face problems in terms of profitability and inventory levels, despite its positive performance in terms of production, domestic sales, employment and market share. The imports of the product concerned were also found to have decreased during the investigation period.

Nevertheless, it was determined that the Turkish domestic industry did not fully recover and was still vulnerable. In addition, the price undercutting and price depression levels were found to be capable of eliminating any partial recovery in the domestic industry. Moreover, as mainland China was found to have reached high production and production capacity rates, and as mainland Chinese producers and exporters are felt to be closely acquainted with the Turkish market, and capable of easily and quickly penetrating distribution levels, the Turkish authority’s concerns were further heightened. The latter saw these as factors demonstrating that the Chinese mainland’s capacity would be channelled to Turkey at low prices, which would, in turn, undercut and depress the Turkish domestic industry’s prices.

Moreover, Turkey has initiated an expiry review investigation, regarding the anti-dumping measures applicable to certain made-up textile articles and fabrics made of artificial or synthetics fibres originating in mainland China. The request for an expiry review was submitted by the Turkish Home Textile Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (TETSIAD).

The products concerned are currently subject to an anti-dumping duty to the tune of 70.44% of the CIF value with a maximum applicable rate of 5 USD/kg. The duty was originally introduced on April 11, 2010.


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