Marketing Has To Be One Of The Main Pillars Of Any Business : Business Mantra

Maya Khudabadi, Co-Founder and CMO, Business Mantra.

“The competition is tough.”

“It’s a difficult market.”

“Market conditions are not conducive.”

Oft-repeated statements that companies use to describe their performance.

Enter Business Mantra, and these statements could well be a thing of the past. According to Maya Khudabadi, Co-Founder and CMO, Business Mantra, “Very often individuals give shape to a promising business idea, which fails quickly solely because the company has not worked out its marketing strategy, or has a marketing strategy which has not been implemented. That’s where we come in with our marketing services.”

Business Mantra started its operations in 2015, offering a wide range of marketing services across industries – from market research and analytics to digital marketing, to generating global sales and revenues for their clients. CMO – Chief Marketing Outsource – is the main focus for the company. In a short span of 5.5 years, the company has catered to 550 brands across India.

The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report 2020 highlights some of the jobs and skills that would be in great demand in the coming years. Some of these include: Big data and data analytics, digital marketing and strategy specialists, business development, digital transformation, strategy advisors, among others. Companies will outsource many of these services in their endeavor to be lean and agile.

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Business Mantra’s bouquet of services covers these segments- data research and analytics, brand discovery, strategy plans, marketing automation, tailored content and design.

The company has the expertise to cater to companies across industries. Its clients are from sectors ranging from pharmaceuticals, engineering, transportation, hospitality, fashion and lifestyle, fitness, in both B2B and B2C segments. “CMO services include not just marketing and brand building, but also lead generation, sales, revenue generation. We are a strategy partner to the industry,” said Vivek Kulshreshtha, CEO, Business Mantra.

The company has developed its own marketing operations optimization model to help in formulating the right strategies for its sectoral clients, setting targets, measuring outcome of the strategies, monitoring and analyzing return on investment.

“To give an example, we worked with a transportation & relocation services company. Now this is a very unorganized sector, with no standard practice or pricing. This makes it difficult for most players to be in the business long term. So we did a complete brand makeover for the company, online and offline branding and marketing. We upgraded their business processes, from giving a quotation to converting the lead into sales and revenue. The company has really benefitted from our CMO service,” proudly informs Maya.

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This is just one of the many companies that Business Mantra has worked with. “For every company, there obviously has to be a different strategy, a different approach. The strategy takes into account the current and the future business environment. And we have a qualified and experienced team for this,” said Maya.

Business Mantra’s grasp of the changing business and economic dynamics can be gauged from the fact that the company registered a growth of 100% during the pandemic. And has expanded across the country and also internationally during these challenging times.  “We aggressively marketed our services to various industries, as every industry today needs an innovative marketing strategy, with the pandemic disrupting the conventional ways of doing business. We now have Business Mantra franchises in Gandhinagar, Rajkot, Valsad, Udaipur, Lucknow. International associations in Australia and Canada. We plan to have 100 franchises in India and 10 internationally by 2022. We are planning expansion in  Dubai, Poland, USA, and Singapore” informed Maya.

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Business Mantra strives to give marketing its due importance in any business enterprise. “In many traditional industries, even today, marketing is a weak link. Marketing is considered an expenditure, not an investment. Usually, a company will invest more than 75% of its resources in product manufacturing, and only 20-25% in marketing this product. It has to be the reverse. Marketing has to be considered one of the main pillars of any business. We aim to make this change happen,” said Maya.


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