May 2022 China Polyester Yarn Exports Up


China’s polyester yarn exports in May amounted to 52kt, up 56.9% on the year and 29.6% on the month. Among the total, polyester single yarn took up 27kt, up 135% on the year; polyester ply yarn 15kt, up 21.5% on the year and polyester sewing thread 11kt, up 9% on the year.

Polyester single yarn shared much more in total polyester yarn export to 52% with an increase of 8% from that in April, while the shares of polyester ply yarn decreased by 4-5%. Polyester single yarn was mainly exported to Middle East and Southeast Asia. The export volume to Jordan climbed up to 8%. Among major exporters, Fujian accounted for nearly a half, followed by Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Polyester ply yarn was mainly to South Asia and Southeast Asia, and the major exporter was Hubei which shared 8% more from that in April, followed by Zhejiang and Jiangxi.

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China polyester yarn imports totaled 242mt, down 45.7% on the year, and up 24.3% on the month.

Polyester/cotton yarn exports
In May 2022, China polyester/cotton yarn exports reached 3,991mt, up 61.8% on the year and 30.9% on the month. The imports totaled 546mt, down 7.3% on the year and 10.6% on the month. In conclusion, May exports of polyester yarn and polyester/cotton yarn was just less than Jan ones, and both y-o-y and m-o-m increases of them improved largely. Compared with bearish sales in China, the exports is outstanding.

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