Trützschler And EREMA Cooperate To Supply Inline BCF Systems Using R-PET


After working together for over a year, Trützschler and EREMA have signed an agreement to cooperate in the area of recycling, especially on R-PET. The cooperation includes BCF lines to produce carpet yarns through melt spinning of recycled polyester or blends of virgin PET chips and recycled flakes.

The products offered includes a VACUREMA Basic Line and secondary components from EREMA which feed the connected symTTex spin positions of Trützschler Man-Made Fibers with a high-quality polymer melt to produce BCF Yarns.

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Recycling of PET has gained momentum for environmental reasons as well as for cost reasons and recovered secondary raw material, such as PET bottle flakes, has been a popular commodity in both the plastic and in the fiber industry.  EREMA’s VACUREMA technology offers modular solutions with a vacuum reactor, a directly connected single-screw extruder and a high-performance filter for this process step. The high quality of the melt with respect to viscosity (IV value) and purity lays the foundation for top-quality filaments through Trützschler’s R-PET spinning technology based on proven system components for spinning primary chips for years. The process involves well-known spin packs and the double-shell godets, the HPc-texturing system and the fully automatic winder.

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Last year, Trützschler and EREMA jointly developed a carpet yarn plant for BCF yarns from recycled PET on customer demand. While the reactor, the extruder and the polymer filters were delivered by EREMA, Trützschler Man-Made Fibers was responsible for spinning, drafting and winding. The plant is very flexible, so that both yarns from 100% recycled material or blends with PET primary granules can be spun. The BCF yarns are used for various applications.

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