VDMA: Uzbek Minister on visit at Textile Machinery Association

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Fritz P. Mayer, Vice-Chairman of VDMA Textile Machinery Association and Ilkhoom Khaydarov, Uzbek Minister and Chairman of the board of the State Joint-Stock Company for the Light Industry “O’zbekyengilsanoat” have signed in Frankfurt a memorandum of understanding to strengthen the ties between the two organizations. During the consultations Khaydarov, being on a visit to Germany with a high-ranking Uzbek government delegation, has given a detailed overview of present and future projects of the Uzbek textile industry.

With an annual output of more than one million tons, Uzbekistan is one of the biggest cotton producers of the world. During the last years the Central Asian Republic undertook major efforts to increase added value in its own country. The textile and apparel industry is one of the key areas of the investment activities. More than before, when the focus was on export of cotton the investments of today aim at the manufacture of cotton yarns and fabrics as well as on finished goods. In 2014, German exports of textile machinery to Uzbekistan summed up to roundabout 8 million Euros.

Fritz P. Mayer stated. “With their products and performance, numerous member companies of VDMA Textile Machinery Association participate actively in the modernization of the Uzbek textile industry. The VDMA member companies are not only estimated at site as world champions in quality, innovation and sustainability, but also as reliable business partners. In this context Mayer also reminded of the “German Textile Technology Symposium Central Asia”, which had been initiated by VDMA in 2009. “Being visible in Uzbekistan in the midst of the crisis year 2009 was very well received and signalized to the Uzbek textile industry that we are interested in long-term co-operations”, added Mayer.


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