N9 World Technologies’ VIROBAN Is An Advanced Antiviral, Antibacterial Textile Finish

Vikram Rao, Managing Director of N9 World Technologies

N9 World Technologies, one of India’s leading manufacturer and marketer of specialty chemicals in Antibacterial, Cooling & Dynamic Drying technologies, has recently introduced VIROBAN, an advanced anti-viral textile finish based on Swiss technology.

N9 has launched this technology in collaboration with Consolidated Pathways Inc., USA and Sanitized AG, Switzerland to help the textile industry beleaguered by ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Now N9’s special offerings will provide anti-viral performance against the coronavirus bringing proven hygiene function and protection to the consumers.

Famous for their anti-bacterial technology, “N9 Pure Silver”, N9 World Technologies Pvt Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Resil Chemicals, Bengaluru, India. N9 pioneered the awareness and creation of the anti-bacterial market in India under the ‘Hygiene & Wellness’ platform and grew its business of anti-bacterial finishing chemicals eight-fold between 2015 to 2020. 

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N9’s products like FRESHON, COOLIT, NEUDRI, etc. enjoy the trust of over 150 brands and retailers across the world and several of them are already in the process of adopting the latest anti-viral technology, VIROBAN.

VIROBAN is a sustainable and durable polymer based anti-viral technology and uses an EPA and EU BPR registered active ingredient. It is designed to have high compatibility with textiles, be safe on human skin and is proven to reduce infective viruses by 99.99% when tested under ISO18184. It does this by creating a highly-cationic charge density on the textile’s surface, deactivating the spread of the virus and bacteria on contact.

VIROBAN’s unique technology makes it applicable to already finished garments too through spraying. With this technology, mills, brands or retailers can give their existing textile articles much needed anti-viral protection.

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Mr Vikram Rao, Managing Director of N9 World Technologies has said: “We are committed to keeping our customers safe and that is why we have launched VIROBAN. With the pandemic, we are observing a perceptible shift towards anti-viral finishing across categories and we will now cater to this need too in a sustainable fashion.

“We are also in the process of launching Earth Mint, a natural and sustainable anti-bacterial finish based on peppermint. With these new technologies and several other sustainability initiatives we intend to set the industry standards on being an eco-friendly and responsible organisation.”

Mr Manish Khambe, Head of Business Development of N9 World Technologies has added: “Some of India’s largest brands have already adopted our anti-viral technology and their VIROBAN treated textile articles will be hitting the market in the next few days.

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