Natural Dye Textiles Exhibition To Display Latest Trends


Currently the Crafts Council of India (CCI) is conducting an exhibition Christened Dye Natural to celebrate the colours of nature at Egmore. The exhibition is featuring six well-known brands. All the brands use only natural dyes.

Jayasri samyukta Iyer, executive committee member of CCI said, “The current edition which will last till February 23 is the third version. The previous exhibition on natural dyes was conducted in 2017.” CCI has played a pivotal role by participating as the forefront of the natural dye revival movement. It played a proactive part in organizing the Unesco sponsored International Natural Dye Symposium way back in 2006 at Hyderabad. In the same year, it held the natural dye bazaar at Chennai.

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Iyer in her press brief mentioned, “We have been promoting natural dyes since our organisation was established in 1964. You cannot separate natural dyes from crafts and textiles. Some time ago, with synthetic dyes getting popular, there was a decline in the use of natural dyes, but now more and more people are going back to them.”

“That’s because an increasing number of people are getting back to their roots and are mindful about the way they live, the way they cook and even the clothes they wear. Natural dyes are environmentally friendly and are non-toxic and friendly to the skin. People are now getting more conscious about the need to promote traditional arts and crafts, and that in turn has given a boost to the revival of natural dyes,” she added.

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The well-known brands enjoying a reputation for using natural dyes are Dastkar Andhra, Dayalal Kudecha, MG Gramodyog Sewa Sansthan, Brij Ballabh, Abdul Rauf Khatri and Anuradha Kuli. The companies will showcase saris, fabrics and dupattas among other things of the artisans that will carry a natural freshness.

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