CAI To Set Up Training Centre At Their Premises For Cotton Farmers

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In a recently organized conference titled Cotton India 2018, at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai, Cotton Association of India President, Atul S Ganatra announced that the institution will be setting up a training center for farmers shortly and has dedicated two classrooms for the purpose. The proposed training center came in response to a persistent demand from the cotton farming community for relief from government apathy and indifferent weather conditions playing havoc with their crops and profit margins.

Ganatra stated that INR 25 lakh will be dedicated for training of cotton farmers on an annual basis and over a period of 5 years, INR 1.25 crore has been allotted for the same. Earlier, he stressed on the need for the Indian cotton industry to be conscious of quality issues when exporting to overseas destinations. He lamented the fact that owing to short-sightedness the ginners adulterated the cotton that was meant for export purpose and created a bad image of Indian cotton in the international market.

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Textile Commissioner Kavita Gupta who spoke later reiterated the sentiment stating, “Even if one ginner mixes adulterated stuff with cotton, in the export market it’s perceived as Indian cotton and it earns a bad name for the country.” She subsequently said, “Indian cotton should gear up to fare well when it came to global quality standards and should provide a 10 percent margin over other cotton in the years to come from the current marginal profit pricing that drives the farmers to put up with a frugal life style.”

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Later on in the day, an awards ceremony was held felicitating various cotton producers and farmers for their good work. Suresh Kotak, the cotton baron of India, walked off with a life time achievement award.

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