Five US Companies Focus On American Cotton

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It can be tough to find a label on clothes that reads `Made in the US'. However, these five companies are focusing on United States-grown cotton and manufacturing their product in America.

Red Land Cotton

Red Land Cotton takes their marketing approach from field to the bedroom. The Yeager family has been farming in Alabama for three generations. Now they are taking their best upland cotton and turning it into luxury linens. Mark Yeager built his own cotton gin in 1994 to take control over the quality of cotton. Their bedsheets and other home linens are modeled after heirloom lines and are made with the farm's finest cotton and is manufactured in the southern United States.

Round House

At more than 110 years old, the Round House brand is still supplying jeans, overalls and other workwear across the nation. Named for the "round house" railroad repair station, the brand of jeans and overalls quickly became a favourite among rail workers, becoming known for their ruggedness and affordability. Over the years, the brand has been marketed in a number of stores, including J.C. Penney.

Round House is the oldest operating manufacturing company in Oklahoma, and still builds workwear with the motto of tough, affordable and made in America.

Raw Materials Design

In 2008, Janna Lufkin took an idea from a friend – a sturdy grocery tote – and ventured down a business path from American grown and made products. Raw Materials Design offers a variety of 100% cotton items, including aprons, table linens and organising totes.

Texas Jeans

They aren't made in Texas anymore, but they are still made in the United States. Texas Jeans have been manufactured in the United States since 1979. Now located in Asheboro, North Carolina, the company still keeps its made in America focus. All components on Texas Jeans – from the fabric, thread, buttons, zippers – are made from vendors in the USA.

All American Clothing

Lawson Nickol was a sales manager for a US jeans manufacturer. But one evening in 2002, while shopping in a retail store, he discovered his company's jeans had a label that said "Made in Mexico." He quickly realised his company had begun to outsource. That began the All American Clothing Co. Today, the company has a mission to support "USA families and jobs by producing high-quality clothing in the USA at an affordable price."  


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