TN Govt. To Take Steps To Improve Cotton Production


Government is taking the required steps and has made elaborate plans to improve the production of cotton in Tamil Nadu disclosed the state handloom and textiles minister OS Manian. Proactive measures have to be taken in wake of the recent unavailability of cotton and its soaring prices.

The minister was interacting with weavers from all the nine southern districts. The new handloom support scheme was being discussed at the interaction.

According to the minister, “Nearly 61% of the spinning mills in the country are in Tamil Nadu. But the state produces only 5% of the required cotton. The remaining 95% is brought from the northern states. Change in climatic conditions and other factors have resulted in the drop in cotton production, due to which cost of a bale has escalated from INR 24,000 to INR 51,000.”

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The Tamil Nadu chief minister took note of the situation and recently held a meeting with officers from different departments. The chief minister emphasized the need to improve cotton production disclosed Manian, adding that the sericulture department is chalking out a plan to increase silk production to enable Tamil Nadu to be self-sufficient.

The minister also talked about setting up Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP) to address the effluent issue that was affecting water bodies besides the common man, weavers and the textile industry. The minister pointed out that they met with stiff resistance from the public when they learnt that there is a proposal to set up a CETP in their locality. At present the government is offering 49% subsidy for the establishment of CETPs.

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The CETP at TIrupur has been set up at a cost of INR 700 crore and has received a subsidy of INR 175 crore besides an interest-free loan of INR 200 crore. In the near future, the government is willing to set up any number of CETPs, he said.

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