Archroma’s Science Of Sustainability, Colour And Denim’ At Denim Premiere Vision

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1. New garment collection based on Advanced Denim dyeing technology showcases fashion beyond Indigo that moves style, creativity and responsible production closer together

2. Latest Earthcolors collection brings to life black, grey, green and brown washed eco-conscious jeans and t-shirts

3. Colour and finishing solutions to support the denim and casual wear trends foreseen for Autumn/Winter 2017-2018

4. Colour management experts showcase the Colour Atlas to bring the infinite colours of nature from dream to reality for stylists and designers, brands and retailers, and their suppliers

Archroma, a global leader in colour and specialty chemicals, presented its innovation and solutions for denim and casualwear under the motto, "The science of sustainability, the science of colour, the science of denim" at the recently concluded Denim Première Vision in Barcelona, Spain.

The science of sustainability

Archroma's denim experts look to help denim manufacturers and brands to produce denim based on the most efficient possible use of resources, in particular water. Archroma brings forward its experience in eco-advanced innovative colours and effects, with its multi-awarded Advanced Denim dyeing technology. Advanced Denim allows savings of up to 92% in water, 87% in cotton waste and 30% in energy, compared to a conventional denim dyeing process. And whilst trends show a growing demand for earthy and warm tones in denim and casual wear, visitors were able to see one of Archroma's latest innovations: Earthcolors. Earthcolors is a range of colours created from agricultural waste and embracing the latest in communication technology to enable transparency and traceability through the supply chain to consumers. Earthcolors is currently exclusive to brand owners only. At Denim Première Vision, Archroma showcased its latest Earthcolors collection that brings to life black, grey and brown washed eco-conscious jeans ideas, as well as an amazing collaboration collection with garment specialist Tonello, showing tee-shirts nitrogen dyed with laser finishing using Earthcolors.

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The science of colour

Archroma presented colour and finishing solutions to support the denim and casual wear trends foreseen for Autumn/Winter 2017-2018:

1. "bright 'n Blue", a prototype collection using exclusive Archroma ocean blue dyes suitable for denim, with special mention to its new Diresul® Caribbean Blue for a teal colour look;

2. "Stay Dark", solutions for blue and black concepts to support nighttime-inspired shades;

3. "Earth Hugger", a capsule collection based on Diresul® RDT and Optisul® C dyes for earthy and military looks;

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4. "Indie Go Slide", a capsule collection mimicking indigo look on printing & coating, using Optisul® Blue C dye & new Printofix® Blue T-WD pigment for wash-down effects with oxidative agents;

5. "Indie Go Dive", a capsule collection mimicking indigo blue look on range of fabrics such as Corduroy, knitted, Modal®, or Tencel®;

6. "Stay Cool", finishing solutions for more functional denim: water repellence that is not based on fluorine, as well as soil and stain release, moisture management, anti-bacterial, soft and elastic finishes, etc.

And because colour is a science, Archroma also showcased its recently introduced new Color Atlas by Archroma®, a six-volume set that features over 4,300 new colours on cotton poplin. The "physical library" is complemented by a mobile-friendly "Color Atlas Online" with exciting features such as "colour-on-the-go". This feature allows you to capture an image using your smart phone, and identify the closest Color Atlas shades with the possibility to purchase a colour sample instantly.

The science of denim

Archroma is widely recognised in the textile industry as an expert for denim solutions that bring together the science of denim, from colour to finish. With Archroma, designers and denim professionals can explore a full solution package from the first idea to the final product."When we first introduced our eco-advanced dyeing technology Advanced Denim back in May 2009, very few players in the denim industry could foresee the step-change that the entire textile industry is now going through," says Nuria Estape, Head of Global Marketing/Promotion, "We were forerunners in promoting the possibility to produce denim in a more sustainable way. Today, fashion brands and retailers in particular are under growing pressure to take action, and the entire textile supply chain is eager to find innovations that will allow them to stay in the race. With our services and solutions, we are helping them to create fashion that brings style, creativity and responsible production closer together." 

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