Aria – Thermore’s innovation in thermal insulation


With over 40 years experience, Thermore stays ahead of the curve in terms of making performance insulation materials for fashion and outdoor. Now, after its first pre-launch for summer season, it presents the latest innovation, Thermore ARIA, a perfect technical synthetic alternative to real down feathers.

The Italian word ARIA, when translated to English, simply means “air”. It perfectly describes this new insulation which is 98% air by volume, ultra-light, soft and a super efficient high-loft insulator, and importantly, Thermore ARIA perfectly mimics the look of down when quilted with appropriately matched fabrics to the three selected weights of fill; 60, 115 and 170gsm. Lighter than ever on the consumer and the environment, and on your pocket! The potential savings can be as much as 80% when compared to a traditional down filled garment. It is hypoallergenic and does not contain any dangerous chemicals making it a safe and humane alternative to using animal products for quilted outerwear.

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ARIA is the latest product from a heritage line that stretches back to 1972 when Thermore began producing high-tech products each designed for a specific application and need. These include RINNOVA, made from 100% post consumer recycled (PCR) polyester fibers, and CLASSIC, that uses a technical blend of 50% PCR fibers. In all products, issues related to fiber migration are non-existent due to a proprietary finishing process that preserves the long term quality, appearance and performance of every garment.

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All these innovations bring Thermore to the forefront in the development of high performance components Besides development of high performance components, the company has a strong focus on sustainability, evidenced by its commitment to exclude all PFOA and PFOS chemicals from all of their products, as recommended by Greenpeace, and in spite of an as yet no outright industry ban.

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Thermore was founded in 1972 in Milan and is a worldwide leader in the research, production and marketing of thermal insulation for apparel and sleeping bags with operations in Europe, USA and Asia including production facilities in Thailand and offices in Hong Kong. Thermore’s current product range includes Classic, Ecodown®, Rinnova, Pro, and now ARIA.


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