Grafica launches nano-prinTag – worlds fastest and first all electrical-mechanical Direct-to-Garment Tagless Label Screen Printing Machine


Grafica Flextronica, manufacturer of screen printing machines and allied products for textile, graphics and industrial printing sectors, is ready to launch a new product- nano-prinTag. This is the world’s fastest and first all electrical-mechanical automatic direct-to-garment tagless label screen printing machine and will be launched on 11th August at the forthcoming KnitShow exhibition in Tirupur.

Bhargav Mistry, MD, Grafica, said, “This is yet another breakthrough product from Grafica. The machine is designed, keeping in mind the minimum power consumption and minimum maintenance requirement. It runs without a compressor because there is no pneumatics inside, which makes the machine fastest and trouble free.”

Over the last three years, Grafica has been regularly introducing a range of Nano series screen printing machines such as Nano-Print, Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1, Nano-UV, Nano-Squeegee Sharpener, Nano-Print plus, Nano-PrinTex, Nano-Texdryer, Nano-flashTex and allied products to meet the global market demands.

“Each machine has found to be having tremendous potential and has been doing well with many repeat orders within a year of their launch. And now, we are introducing Nano-PrinTag, which is expected to be another revolutionary product," concluded Mistry

Nano-prinTag has user-friendly touch-screen control panel for easy operation. It is possible to ‘print-flash-print-flash’ multiple times on same piece. Grafica will also offer customized pallets in various sizes and shapes for different applications.


Grafica’s nano-prinTag can be used to print tagless neck label, high density labels & logos for t-shirts/shirts, pocket/shoulder logo printing, socks/handkerchief, hand gloves, jeans pocket, vest/ underwear/ innerwear, caps, transfers & high density labels, all types of hosiery, garments & apparels, and many more.

Salient Features of nano-prinTag

  • Speed: 2880 prints per hour
  • Index Accuracy: Below +/- 0.005 mm (5 microns)
  • No Compressor required
  • Available up to 4 colors/8 pallets
  • Single Phase power and Plug N Play
  • Compact & space saving

Technical specification

  • Print area: 15.25 cm x 15.25 cm
  • Dimension: 114 cm for 3-colour machine
  • Power required: 220 V / 50 Hz – 5.2 kW,
  • Single Phase (for 3 print heads & 3 flash curing)
  • Weight: 240 kg (530 lb)

Other features

  • Multiple squeegee strokes for same piece
  • Multiple Index rotation
  • Clockwise or anti clockwise index rotation
  • Adjustable print mode to set squeegee movement from front to back or back to front
  • Laser registration guides for accurate placement for any type of job.

For more information contact or see the nano-prinTag VIDEO

About Grafica

Established in 1989, Grafica Flextronica is a manufacturer of screen printing machines, screen making setup, drying/curing systems and other accessories which are widely used in industrial, textile/garment and commercial/graphics screen printing. 

Besides a strong presence in India, Grafica has also serves markets in European Union, Africa, Middle East, USA, South America, Bangladesh, Nepal, etc.  It has representatives in all the markets besides an all India distributors’ network.


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