SPGPrints Adds Creative Touch To Digitally Printed Textiles Through PIKE

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SPGPrints presented the creative possibilities and production advantages of digital textile printing on its stand (D224) at Avanprint 2016, held between 15 – 18 February at Parc des Exhibitions, Le Bourget, Paris. Avanprint 2016 was an ideal platform for SPGPrints to illustrate brand owners about the benefits of digital textile printing with the newly launched PIKE printer. Also, SPGPrints demonstrated its power and the range of textile applications possible through PIKE.

High Flexibility And Productivity With Profound Creativity

PIKE printer allows subtle halftones and sharp geometric patterns on fabric at speeds up to 40m/minute. New printer permits instant changes in image orientation to facilitate pattern positioning so that garment can have the intended design impact irrespective of its size. This flexibility reduces lead time and makes design adjustments more cost-effective even for a very short run. PIKE printer uses established Fujifilm Samba print heads which allows high print resolutions and achieve sharp edges, fine lines and smooth gradients, opening new opportunities for designers. PIKE's Archer Technology® that can jet accurately across a distance of 4 mm, compared to the commonly found 1.5 mm. This opens up the prospect to print on a wider range of textile surfaces. Also, it reduces the risk of the print head coming into contact with the substrate and prevents component damage or minimises production stoppages. 

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"Not only does digital printing give brand owners the benefits of  short-run, on-demand production and shortened supply chains, it also enables printing to be carried out closer to the point of sale," says Jos Notermans, Commercial Manager Digital Textiles at SPGPrints. "The PIKE printer uses inks manufactured by SPGPrints that have been formulated for optimal performance with the whole printer to deliver outstanding results. These are significant competitive factors that brand owners recognise and are demanding more and more," he further adds.  

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