Uster: Meet Assistant Q at ITMA Asia + CITME 2016


Uster Technologies knows how difficult it is for spinners to recruit suitable employees. So the company is offering them a new virtual staff member. His name is Assistant Q and he has the know-how and ability to make a real difference in quality management and business success – as well as absolute loyalty and commitment.

Assistant Q is ready to slot in to a spinning company at a senior level. He already has 65 years of USTER experience and is totally quality-minded. In addition, Assistant Q is always there, working 24/7 as part of the new USTER®TESTER 6.

Smooth running of every mill operation

With the data from the Total Testing Center Assistant Q has an overview of all the processes in the spinning mill. He examines test data from every production stage, alerting management to any potential issues. He directs alerts to the personnel responsible via their PCs and also manages the process of solving the problem. He records when messages are acknowledged and tracks the history of the issue to its resolution.

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Assistant Q also handles the routine saving valuable time for quality managers. His systematic approach drives timely problem-solving and makes a vital contribution to avoiding quality complaints and claims from customers.

Data analysis and fabric predictions

This new staff member takes in all the test results and provides fast analysis and interpretation. For example, he might identify changes at the carding process leading to a lower nep removal efficiency. In that case, he would immediately report the issue to the relevant operator.

Assistant Q supports to prevent against negative feedback from buyers about unsatisfactory yarn quality for weaving and knitting applications. He evaluates fabric appearance, using a series of parameters and a grading system of 1 to 5. Yarns graded 5 are expected to be top of their class in fabric appearance. His vast application knowledge and years of sample testing underpin this grading system. He also makes reliable predictions for knitted fabrics, where pilling is a key issue. His grading here is based on the new hairiness values provided by the USTER®TESTER 6 – as well as other parameters affecting pilling resistance.

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Meet Assistant Q in Shanghai

Assistant Q can be observed in action at the USTER booth at ITMA Asia + CITME 2016. Interested parties – as well as curious visitors – will be introduced to him in his workplace, the Total Testing Center. Here, accurate test results are combined with real-time information from yarn clearers and additional testing instruments. Assistant Q’s knowledge, experience and working practices are integrated in the USTER®QUALITY EXPERT which is incorporated in the USTER®TESTER 6 evenness tester. With Assistant Q, the Total Testing Center is an indispensable tool for modern mill management, making the leap from traditional data collection to powerful analytics and informed decision-making.

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