NTCB Continues To Focus On Biotechnologies Which Will Be The Trend For Many Years

Harsh Kumar, Executive Director, Sales, Nano Tech Chemical Brothers (NTCB)

Tell us about your latest products for the textile and apparel industry. How do your solutions stand out from the competition? And how does a textile/apparel manufacturer benefit from using your products?
NTCB offers complete solutions for the textile industry from pre-treatment to dyeing and finishing. We also have a range of printing inks that are unique in terms of technology and performance. We are the only company in India to manufacture silicone-based pigments which find it application in textile, electronics, rubber, kitchenware, etc. We have four verticals in the organisation. Textile auxiliaries, garment printing inks, personal care ingredients, and then rubber division.

We offer our products based on the principle of high performance and sustainability. Our product brands SILME, CSILMENT and TRINOLUBE are based on silicone technology that gives durable and outstanding results in meeting customer requirements. And variety of product lines to match customer expectations is our USP. Our right-time troubleshooting service is added advantage as well.

NTCB products meet ZDHC, REACH, GOTS, and various other quality and environmental standards. How have you benefitted from such certifications? Do you see any drawbacks of having these certifications?
Yes, our products are certified in GOTS & ZDHC. We are trying every possible way to upgrade ourselves at par with international standards. Which of course is helping us and our customers to grow their business due to these certifications.

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We would like to see if all certifications are covered with one agency so maintaining contact is easy and the documentation process becomes more convenient. It will ultimately result in lesser lead time for obtaining the certifications.

How did NTCB fare during the pandemic and the lockdowns? Your strategy for growth and survival during these times?
Lockdown was unprecedented for the whole world, everything came to a standstill. Noone knew what to expect. First of all, we took our people in confidence that the organisation stands with them whatever it is going to be. We invited motivational speakers and organised open discussions with employees and staff. This resulted in creating leaders for the future.

During these times, we actually got enough time to make futuristic plans for growth by keeping our focus more on biotechnologies which are going to be the market trends for many years. Our R&D team is dedicating their time to creating materials for the same. We have also partnered with research scientists to help in these projects.

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We also spent our resources to strengthen our online marketing channels. We managed to create more social media presence which resulted in a better brand image. It helped in getting more business inquiries within India and from overseas as well.

How do you see markets panning out in 2021 and 2022? Your goals and targets for this and next year?
Businesses has already undergone many changes and is facing challenges of low demand in many industrial sectors and textiles especially. On the other hand, raw materials availability and price increase is a big challenge for the manufacturers to survive. We expect demand to pick up in the second quarter of this FY. We expect our textile chemical business to grow by 20-25% and other divisions also hope to increase business by 25-30%.

We have set an optimistic target to increase our sales revenues by 35-40%  in aggregate for FY 2021-22.

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What’s new in the pipeline?
We are diversifying into other industries and expanding our reach in other countries by adding to our distribution network. Export growth is going to be the centre point for us in the next three years.

Which business principles and ethics have kept NTCB on the growth path?
Our company slogan speaks about our ethics. “Values before Profit” We always kept our customers, partners, people first. They are the driving force of the organisation. That’s the reason everyone has been very loyal to us and made us what we are today. Our sincere thanks to everyone who has been with us in this 26 years’ journey


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