NYSE Waiver Allows Denim Wear Veterans, Levis To Go Public


Levi Strauss & Co has gone public for the second time since its first launch as blue jeans in America. In fact, the first pair of blue jeans came out of Levi Strauss stable in the United States. Currently the stock is listed in the New York stock exchange under the banner LEVI. It was 31% up and had a strong demand, with transferring hands at USD 22.90 The offering price stood at USD 17. The upward revision registered a hike of USD 5.90. By noon, the hike in prices for the stock was a steep 34 percent.

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The listing in the New York Stock Exchange came close on heels of a rare move by NYSE to suspend its “No Jeans” policy on March 21st 2019. There was a transformation commemorating the event changing the floor from suits and ties into a plethora of blue denim. The traders on the occasion were attired with jeans and denim jackets.

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The trading floor had upward of 120 employees from Levi’s global offices, which included its CEO Chip Bergh, all of them clad in denim.

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