Pinter Group Acquires Amsler Tex Specialty Yarn Technology


Well known Swiss specialty yarn production technology and machinery supplier Amsler Tex AG has been acquired by Pinter Group.  In a joint statement released by both Pinter and Amsler has announced the acquisition without divulging any commercial value. Amsler has indicated to the cyclical nature of the specialty yarn machinery market which is at its down cycle since last two years and prolonged recovery induced by Covid-19 pandemic as the prime reason for going forward with this deal.

Both the companies have reached an agreement by which Pinter Group has acquired Amsler’s value-added-machinery business, entailing all the technology and Pinter shall maintain the supply of high-level products and services to all Amsler and Pinter Group customers.

Now on, Pinter Group will handle new Amsler inquiries for new machines and spare parts, as well as technical support and warranties of the installed Amsler devices. However, pending orders as on date will be delivered and installed by the Amsler by the quarter ending in September 2020.

Pinter Group, led by Adrià Serra, has said that Pinter is elated to serve the esteemed Amsler-technology-users with its products and services in the field of value-added yarns machinery. All customers can be assured that every member of the Pinter Group is highly motivated to do its best to comply with the high expectations of all these parties. Additionally, the management of Pinter Group thanks Amsler Tex for their confidence in this extraordinary transition.

Pinter Group is a leading global supplier of Slub and colour effect yarn equipment, Core Spun yarn attachment, Spindle monitoring systems and lab equipment.


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