PM Modi Turns Brand Name For Women’s Apparel


Close on heels to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s imprints becoming a hit with wedding cards and T-shirts, a jamboree of women’s wear, namely traditional sarees that have Modi’s face imprinted on them have become very popular in his home state of Gujarat.

In the textile hub of the East, Surat, the sarees have been selling like hot cakes. Women are seen crowding the market places to purchase sarees with Modi’s face imprinted on them.  Industry sources disclosed that the photographs of the Prime Minister have been digitally printed on the sarees.

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According to a market observer, the pace for popular appeal has been rapid. In the previous year, there were gold and silver bars with Modi’s face engraved on them. Within a year it has progressed to T-shirts, sarees and other designer wear garments.

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