‘Quality Products And Services To Customers At All Time Is Our Motto’


MAG Solvics Pvt Ltd, has created a brand name and image for itself in the field of high tech textile testing, in India and globally. The company believes in the philosophy of quality being a habit, not an act. And has put in place strategies, systems, work processes, that have helped the company become a daunting competitor, and a reliable solution provider, worldwide. In an exclusive interview with Textile Excellence, C. Dhandayuthapani, President, MAG Solvics, talks about what’s new from the MAG stable.

How are MAG Solvics’ fibre, yarn and fabric testing solutions performing in the market?
We are one of the leading manufacturers of full range of testing instruments for the textile industry. Our testing solutions are well accepted in all areas like ginning, spinning, weaving, processing and garmenting. Getting repeat orders is evidence of our superior performance. Also, introduction of High Volume Instruments and its installations worldwide is itself proof of product quality. We are in the industry since 1991 and have grown exceedingly well over the past decade. We have sizeable market share in each sector of the textile industry.

We have more than 130 instruments for the entire textile value chain. So we have competition from small and large players. However, today we are a strong contender in the market. MAG’s vision is to provide the best quality and services to customers at affordable cost and that draws customers to us. We are planning to introduce new products in the coming years.

What changes towards quality consciousness do you see in the industry, especially among the smaller players and the decentralised sector?
The attitude towards quality has changed a lot since end users have stringent requirements now. A quality conscious producer, whether small or big, has the same vision – of how to deliver quality goods competitively.

We see a lot of change in the decentralised sector too. Again evidence of this is the increase in our orders from these players.

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The new generation that has come in, is changing the way of doing business, they are more quality conscious. We can feel this very real difference when we meet prospective customers. Their main motto is quality combined with value addition, automation and cost.

What’s new from Mag Solvics?
R&D is our strength. We have expertise in each division within R&D. With great support of business associates for exploring new markets or giving inputs for new product development, we are working continuously to introduce newer features in existing products, and developing entirely new products.

Our online spindle monitoring system is very well received in the market, way beyond our expectations. In a very short time, we have completed many big and sizeable installations in India and abroad. Even though we have been supplying air and temperature and RH monitoring along with our SPinFO, customers are catching up now by visibly experiencing the benefits of energy savings. By the addition of Roving Stop Motion (RSM) and Preparatory department production monitoring, we are now a well equipped end-to-end solution provider in online monitoring system for spinning. We plan to introduce newer additions with SPinFO in the next few months which will give even more benefits and ease of operation to customers.

How well do your products integrate within an existing mill set-up, and with textile technology advancements?
Being a testing instruments manufacturer, our solutions add value to the product by all means. The addition of products like HVT Expert 1401 – High volume cotton testing instrument, TensoMaster – Single Yarn Strength Tester, UH Expert 2012 – Evenness and Imperfection tester and SPinFO – Online monitoring system helps mills to monitor and control the cost as well as quality right from raw material sourcing to the end product.

We adapt the latest electronics and software to cater to the fast moving world of manufacturing and testing needs.

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Very few Indian textile engineering companies have managed the kind of success you have had. How did you achieve this? What prevents the Indian textile engineering industry from competing with European counterparts?
MAG is delighted to hear these words!! It’s only because of teamwork. Right from beginning we have implanted a culture of co-operation between departments and this has created openness and transparency between us. All are clear on the company’s vision – Provide quality products and services to customers at all time – and working towards the same goal.

We feel the Indian textile engineering industry is not far behind from the rest of the world. Some of us have already overtaken our European counterparts. Shifting of many European companies’ manufacturing base to India is evidence of the same. Also, India boasts of manpower with highly technical skills, which has helped Indian textile engineering companies achieve success.

How is the global market for your products?
Internationally, Bangladesh is one of the leading markets for our business. We have a strong brand image in Bangladesh. You will find our installations in many factories there. This is one market that we can rely on – there is ongoing business from Bangladesh. In fact, I will go so far as to say that Bangladesh has transformed us on many occasions!!! MAG is doing very well in other international markets too – Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, etc., where exports have been increasing every year. We have now begun supplying our instruments as a package alongwith textile machinery, to African countries and to OEMs.

What benefits are you experiencing due to the introduction of GST?
Earlier, we used to lose orders due to additional taxes being paid, compared to the smaller players. Since GST is same across all levels, now we can compete with them. Also, we were forced to lose tax amount due to non-submission of C forms and H forms by customers. Now there are no such issues as we get everything online instantly. With the implementation of GST, the difficult data of the rates and categorisation of GST in textiles has been eased out and there is some fall in price which is boosting demand.

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Initially due to the acceptance of GST and some of its implementation concerns, we faced some downtrend in the receipt of orders. It was made up in the next few months. The transparency of the system is benefitting the industry.

What new can we expect from MAG Solvics in 2019 in terms of strategies, markets, product developments? And during ITMA 2019?
Currently we are focusing on boosting exports. With the strengthening of our marketing team, we have already started working as business divisions within marketing in order to focus more on fabric, processing and garments sectors. We are working hand-in-hand with our associates for boosting and strengthening our presence in sectors like spinning. Our new sales plan will increase the contribution of these sectors in our overall sales. It is going to be implemented in the year 2019. This year will be very fruitful for MAG and we are eagerly looking forward to that.

We plan to showcase our new innovations at ITMA 2019. We will also enhance some of the existing products by adding new modules. We feel this year too, we will excel and achieve our targets. Hoping and achieving the best always!!


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