R 36: Spinning Waste With High Efficiency and Quality

Lianying Cao, General Manager of Shaanxi Yinhua Textile Co., Ltd

The Chinese company Shaanxi Yinhua Textile Co., Ltd. primarily produces combed ring and compact yarn. With two semi-automated rotor spinning machines R 36 Yinhua uses noils, carding waste and cotton to produce weaving yarn in Ne 16, Ne 21, and Ne 32. The challenge of this raw material is the relatively high trash content which can lead to more ends down. With the R 36 they manage to master this challenge and run their machines with an efficiency of 99.8%. 

The Challenge: High trash content in raw material
Due to the relatively high trash content in the raw material,the yarn is prone for more ends down and the maximum rotor speed on the semi-automated rotor spinning machine is limited. The challenge for such applications for most Chinese enterprises, including Shaanxi Yinhua Textile, is to achieve high productivity with high rotor speeds.

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The Solution: Semi-automated rotor spinning machine R 36
The spinning box of the semi-automated rotor spinning machine R 36 controls the fibre flow optimally and has improved fibre guidance in the feed and opening area. These enhancements result in a good spinning stability and an optimized yarn tenacity. The R 36 also features high-quality, high-speed rotor bearings that allow running the machine with higher rotor speeds.

The benefits for Shaanxi Yinhua Textile
The R 36 processes blowroom and card waste at a speed of 110 000 rpm very smoothly and stably. Compared to competitor rotor spinning machines, the rotor speed on the R 36 is 5 000 to 10 000 rpm higher, whilst less ends down and yarn faults occur. The overall efficiency of the machine reaches 99.8%, which is a perfect machine running condition for the mill.

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Perfect running conditions at Yinhua Textile: 99.8% efficiency

Shaanxi Yinhua Textile finds the R 36 easy to operate: no tools are required to remove and to install the spinning box, and the rotor bearings can be re-greased without being removed.Thus, the easy operation can reduce the labour effort and the turnover rate of operators, which leads to less manpower costs.

The investment return period of a Rieter rotor spinning machine R 36 is approximately 1.5 years. This is mainly thanks to the high speed, high productivity and energy saving characteristics of this machine as well as the excellent management experience and cost control of Shaanxi Yinhua Textile.

Due to the consistent and high yarn quality, the rotor yarns in Ne 16 and Ne 21 produced by Shaanxi Yinhua Textile are widely accepted in the market.Taking the Ne 21 yarn as an example: Due to the consistent yarn quality, the yarn has an excellent performance in the downstream weaving process. 

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The Customer’s Statement
“The R ­36 is the ideal choice for semi-automated rotor spinning. The machine features high productivity, excellent quality, and energy saving. It is user friendly and has a short return-on-investment period,” said Lianying Cao, General Manager of Shaanxi Yinhua Textile Co., Ltd.


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