Amsler Set To Engulf The Future With Pathbreaking Innovations


Zurich-based Swiss company Amsler made a splash in the India ITME 2016 with unique products on display that were not available with competitors. In an exclusive interview with Textile Excellence, Walter Bowald Vice President Sales, Amsler gave some insights about their products and expansion plans.

How much presence you have in the Asian markets?

We have a strong presence in India, Bangladesh and Korea. We are also making rapid inroads into Taiwan and Vietnam. Our volumes in Indonesia are also picking up. Our products are a hit because of our stress on quality. We perennially provide value addition in our products. Thus, our customers always look forward to our innovations and are keen to pursue the purchase of our new products online.

What are the advantages of your products?

No one in the world has anything to substitute for our product's ability. Our products boast of unique mechanical and electronic parts. We have a special gear system and a dynamic back up for it. The special gear is actually a differential gear system. We also offer a strategic option for spinning mills and textile groups in the form of slub yarn and its derivatives. The slub yarn is different from the normal yarn in structure, fibre composition and colour. It is used in modern fabrics to produce a natural rustic and attractive character in the end product.

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At the onset, our intention was to present cotton and synthetic fibre yarn with a linen character. However, the result has far exceeded all expectations. Slub yarn today is recognised all over the world and the fashion designers use it as enrichment for woven and knitted products.

Tell us about your marketing strategy.

We provide a broad product range for a specialised niche market. The Amsler devices can fit in as upgrades or modifications to almost any type of existing or new spinning frames from all important manufacturers like Howa, Lakshmi, Marzoli, Rieter, Schlafhorst/Zinser, Savio, Toyoda etc. Also, I have mentioned that none in the world has anything to substitute for our product's ability and the output. Further, Amsler yarn reduces the cost in the subsequent processes (weaving or knitting) due to its quality aspects and lead to a fashionable, attractive fabric that complies with the designer's objective. Thus, our marketing strategy consists of providing quality material to niche markets at affordable prices.

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You state quality in a niche market makes up your marketing strategy. Tell us about the technical features that contribute to the quality of Amsler yarn.

Amsler devices are either installed with a differential gear or with a direct drive system. With the differential gear, the creation of the slub is made with an individual slub drive. The production of base yarn is still driven by the basic drive of the spinning frame. The dynamic movement of the slub creation is superimposed through the differential gear. This construction enables slub creation without 'thin places' & prevents yarn breakages in post processes.

The intelligent control of these drives, for example, motor ramps, contains genuine know-how for optimized slub formation. This technology was developed by Amsler over the decades. In addition, Amsler software provides the most extensive functionality for developing & analyzing slub yarn. The programs are guaranteeing 100% reproducibility of slub yarn year after year. There are no undefined randomizer routines.

Tell us about your Tex Core system.

Amsler Tex offers a system for the insertion of elastan, for example Lycra, in the ring spinning process (core yarn). The system features demonstrate obvious advantages compared with the simple devices available in the market. The customer will benefit from substantial elastan savings, less maintenance costs and downtime as well as safe production of core yarn in fine count.

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The key features of this technology include electronically adjustable and servomotor driven elastan tension; single filament supervision to trigger roving stop motion; and synchronized middle roller, input roller condenser and input roller roving guide.

What are the benefits of this system?

The benefits are three-fold. First, you obtain optimised consumption of elastan and there is no unjustified waste of this expensive raw material. Second, it helps avoid production loss caused by cops with missing elastan. Third, you adopt safe production method of fine count yarn up to Ne 150/1 by precise centering of core in the yarn.                         


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