At ITMA, InspirOn Displayed Its Export Quality Machine With Enhanced Technology


The lights of Diwali welcomed us to the large booth of InspirOn. Colourful machines were a welcome change too. A busy man Amol Bhagwati, Managing Director, InspirOn Engineering made way for us, cutting his customer meeting short. A long chat on ITMA followed over some authentic Indian mithai and chai.

How has it been for you in ITMA this year?

ITMA was good. The first day was of course a little slow, but we started picking up from the third day onwards and the fourth day has been really busy setting the stage for even busier days ahead. We had lots of customers coming from Egypt, Africa and Columbia over the last few days.

Tell us a little about the innovations you had in store for ITMA.

Until now we were making use of the Motex technology, provided to us by Monforts. But over the years we have only done marginal changes on the technology to suit our customer needs. But right now seeing the limitations of the same we decided to come with innovation and churn out an export quality machine with enhanced technology for our customers. The export friendly model will help us keep afloat when the domestic demands go low at certain points of time. Owing to our single product window, we are very focused at what we give our customers. But at the same time we are driven by the processing industry, so when the processing industry gets a little low, we are hit very badly too. Thus export ready product prepares us for the bad days.

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Are you apprehensive about the processing industry?

For the next 4-5 years no. But yes you can never predict the market for such a longer run and most importantly not depend on the market blind folded too. Creating a stronger export base with this new innovation was our idea and thereby strengthen the ground on which we stand.

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How are you aiming to market this export ready machine?

We are aiming at a very strong marketing base. Specific country agents for the customers are our primary focus right now and we are talking to them personally to make the bonds stronger. Also our modified machines are extremely colourful. These completely cuts away from the monotony and people working on them will be happy and cheerful we guess.

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How do you see the market performing for India and Bangladesh?

Indian economy is booming. Processing industry is doing good too. We are running at our full capacity this year and we can only hope that the future is even better. Bangladesh is also good and has opened up quite suitably. We are planning to appoint some agents in Bangladesh as well, as we are quite optimistic about the market there.    


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